Emissions: onwards and upwards and more of them

Every year, when some nation tries get some international consensus on the greenhouse gas emissions made by aviation. These emissions are usually discharged at high level, making them last longer in the upper atmosphere and pushing our global warming, like the aircraft, upwards and onwards.

No one counts these emissions, except the folk who measure the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide, and no nation has plans which take account of these emissions. A nation could comply with its promises to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by a certain amount and at the same time could increase its aviation emissions by a higher amount.

There is also a problem as to which nation should claim the emissions – that nation that owns the aircraft, the destination nation or the departure nation.

The European Union has decided to  attempt to reduce aviation emissions by including them in its rather ill thought out emissions trading scheme – a scheme if ever there was one which might merit the adjective “crackpot”. India claims that the inclusion of these emissions in ETS is in breach of treaty obligations and violates the UN Convention on Climate Change.

It is a technical squabble and probably one which will not be solved by international agreement for five or six years, and then the solution is unlikely to be environmentally friendly or result in emission reduction.

The developing nations, not bound by the Convection claim that the developed nations are not keeping their climate change promises and the developed nations point out that the developing nations are not reducing emissions but playing a game of “catch up”.

I can best sum up the position by asking you to arrange the following words into a well known phrase or saying:

The, Titanic, on, deckchairs, rearranging.

2 Responses

  1. It might be better to fold said deck chair and leave the boat behind before one is dragged down with it, the wooden chair floats and you might just get the bouancy needed to reach dry land.

    The whole system is owned and rigged for an outcome, all pawns and armies are now in the best positions upon the board for a long term ownership of mankind how the hive sees fitting.

    Here is some proofe of what many have known for quite some time of their directives where energy and fancy words rebroadcast gains ones attention.

    The mass destructive type weapon is mankind himself being backed by his tokens and credits and countries now being run by trained technocrats instead of born leaders.

    All things united stand and the rest always fall by the wayside, all energies are now owned and paid for thrice.

    Once for buying the peoples energy, twice for burning that energy and thrice for trying to collect the free energy.

    Getting the picture yet.

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