Trying to fix the unfixable

Over the past few weeks governments have been grappling with the financial crisis in the Eurozone. Governments can only justify their existence if their rationale is to protect the people they govern and ensure that those people are safe, free and can pursue their dreams. The problems of the euro, with Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal all approaching insolvency, seem to be beyond the solution of governments. The intense work that governments have undertaken over so many months to “save” the euro has not provided a solution and it is unlikely that the present plans will provide a solution.

If you cannot solve a problem then you have to live with it and suffer the consequences. The consequences of not being able to protect the euro, the banks that lent to some nations, and ultimately the dream of a united Europe may be drastic, but consequences of spending time and energy in trying to fix the unfixable are worse. Better to spend the energy and time in fixing what we can fix.