Climate Change Deniers – why am I wrong?

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction,Newtontold us. With climate change writingNewton’s law does not invariably apply. I know that sometimes when I post some ideas about climate change, someone else posts on this blog some ideas which are opposite, but not necessarily equal. That is the fine thing about climate change writing. The opposite views are not necessarily equal.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (the IPCC) has been criticised because it (if I may put the concept loosely) simply reads writing on climate change and reviews the writing.

I very much doubt if anyone at the IPCC would regard reading these posts as part of his or her official duties. Their job is to read and analyse scientific researches (which have already been peer reviewed) and to gain a scientific consensus from them. The researches are frequently analysis of data which have been analysed by others and obtained by folk who do not do the analysis. It is a good system for finding out scientific consensus on climate change. Of course it may be wrong, like everyone in the world may be wrong, but the IPCC tells us what the majority of scientists believe is happening to our climate.

Climate change raises strong feelings. A Carbon Tax inAustraliais feared by some as the end of capitalism enterprise and prosperity as we know it. Wind turbines which work intermittently and provide intermittent power are hailed as “useless”, Climate change deniers complain vigorously about the cost of renewable energy but not about the health costs of fossil fuel burning and the costs of the damage done by smoke and particulates.

It seems that those who deny climate change is caused by fossil fuel burning often make the mistake of arguing that if we were to stop or reduce fossil fuel burning economic damage will occur. That is usually the main argument of climate change deniers. You see, if climate change is not caused by people no harm is done by renewable energy, which simply provides an alternative to fossil fuel burning and use of uranium, except possibly economic harm because fossil fuel burning is at present cheaper than renewables.

It is very likely that renewables will become cheaper as their use becomes more widespread. Clean renewables (such as wind and solar thermal and PV panels) as opposed to dirty renewables (such as biomass, biofuel and heat pumps) may even become cheaper as an energy producer than fossil fuel burning at some stage in the future, due to very widespread use of renewables and very expensive fossil fuel and uranium.

But whatever happens in the future the climate change deniers have no arguments to deploy against some undoubted facts:-

  1. The cost to health of burning fossil fuel is significant. It may never have been analysed but there is no doubts that breathing respiratory and heart disorders as well as some cancers are caused or exacerbated but smoke and particulate inhalation. When you walk down the city street you inhale and thus inevitably become a kind of passive smoker.
  2. Fossil fuel is a finite resource. It is becoming more costly to extract (because the large deposits of it are well known) and it is becoming more widely used and more intensively used as people in the developing world switch from rickshaws and bicycles to cars and motorbikes, and as they begin a process of industrialising their economies and improving their living standards.

So regardless of whether the vast majority of scientists in the world are right or wrong about climate change I have yet to hear a climate change denier (a perfectly respectable scientific position to take) explain the damage that believing that climate change is caused by human activity and acting on that belief will actually cause.

6 Responses

  1. Robert
    I am old enough to remember the widespread use of coal fro domestic heating, now that contributed to truly terrible air quality in cites, compared to that the emissions of your power stations is very small beer indeed. In fact by any measure the air quality in the industrialised west is better than it has been for centuries.
    Oh and please make the distinction between “climate change” and anthropogenic climate change, while I (as a sceptic) am more than happy to acknowledge that the climate changes constantly. The magnitude of human responsibility is very much an unknown.
    If we as a species expend huge amounts of effort and treasure on futile mitigation schemes then we will naturally have less resources to spend on adapting to what ever changes that may happen.

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  3. While much of what you say about wind and PV’s is true and correctly named Useless, because at the two times of year when the electricity is really needed for heating and cooling the wind simply does’nt blow, as in, absolutely useless and a most expensive onament needing costly maintainance which we all have to pay ror even when not working.

    Water panels on the other hand really do work well, at my freinds house which has four square meters facing east/west on a fairly overcast day in autumn I quickly pulled away my hands from the hot tap, proof that these things really do work.

    On the part about nulclear, one of my older customers is a nuclear tech and he says that every last bit of energy can be removed and used from plutonium and is safe to be put into a sealed bunker and give off cheap clean hot water for the next few hundred years, a fact also promoted by James Lovelock who is an avid promoter of this technology, what we are being told about nuclear is completely the wrong information and for good reasons.

    Now lets touch on oil, coal and similar fuels, these are predominamtly finite and also safe in storage where the earth has locked them away, like the Uk’s several hundred years still waiting to be extracted or burned in situ.

    Since the discovery of oil in the late 1890’s in the USA we have actually found all of the major reserves which we pull off today before the 1960’s and nothing majorly significant has been found since, another elderly freind of mine and life long oil tech said no new refineries have been built since the ceiling/peak flow or outflow currenly running at around 85 million BPD because that is the limit that the earth will let us remove that oil, and this is using all moden pressurised technologies to encourage the extraction rates of what is predominantly a Condensate, travelling through semi permeable rocks as does gas also.

    One aspect that is often missquoted or forgotten is that true energy cannot be made nor destroyed, it can only be converted from one form into another, the clean energy bills now taking shape the world over are simply a really big con in order of colllecting the new carbon taxes, for instance, the so called cleaner energy of the electric car which needs the largess of coal or gas powered stations to supply the converted energy, by all means buy one and feel as if your saving the enviornment, but you sure will be paying hrough he nose for the carbon taxes doing so, these are simply vested interests where your encouraged to part with more money to fund future and even more pollution and it is Ok to pay to pollute in his way as long as you paying to the big players who are already hedging or what is basically a betting fraternity on us doing just that, go ahead make these people rich.

    Now AGW, this is a double forked tongue designed as the next new religion on the back of huge pollution and that’s physical patriculates folks the stuff we can see and track from space and not the vital food of all living plants called Co2, there is more food than ever needed for an extra 70 million people every year, the very simplest of laymen can track down all of these facs and more for themselves on the internet.

    Don’t be blinded by any more bad vested science or peer review bias or it is going to cost you dearly, like Al Gores recent electricity bill for 30 grand for heating his swimming pool, maybe an array of solar pannels for that price could heat if for free afterwards, honestly folks thse AGW clowns are a joke to be laughed at truly.

    He is not only a proven liar but a sheer waster, who like all of his kind are now making haste with all of your encouragable waste, in the name of money which the other motley crew are printing like it’s going out of fashion.

    Time to wake up and see the sun.

  4. Some interesting articles here but have to agree with Iain regarding making the distinction between climate change denial and human caused global warming.
    The IPCC Summary Reports were no more than a scam, a politically driven one at that and the worst that can happen is you let these genocidal control freaks get their foot in the door with the carbon tax there will be no stopping us from being bullied into a totalitarian global nightmare under a brutal global governance system that will facilitate genocide on a scale never seen in history.

    • I don’t agree that the IPCC reports were a scam – they do no more than summarise scientific thinking, but you are absolutely right in the key issue – are humans causing climate change?

      Put dispassionately the majority of scientific opinions answers that question “yes”. What should be do then – ignore it and hope for the best?

      I cannot see the difference between things like carbon taxes and the rules about smokeless zones or smoking and cancer. You act on what reasonably seems to be the case.

      If I am wrong about the answer to the question then at least we’ll have cleaner air and a healthier society and will have postponed the time when the fossil fuel runs out.


  5. HI
    If you’re interested in science then Prof Svensmark has made a documentary to explain how our climte is driven. Its very interesting

    The Cloud Mystery
    Apart from that pushing up energy costs through climate change taxes and because of reliance on wind and solar which are unreliable and costly will have the effect of putting poor people into fuel poverty and closing small businesses that operate on the margin.
    ‘Follow the money’ as they say

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