Seven Great Unsolved Mysteries of Modern History

For nearly three weeks protestors inNew York Cityhave campaigned against the banks and corporate control of American politics. The key issue about the bankers and corporate investors for those that protest (and for the millions of us that do not protest) is a simple question. If the bankers brought an end to our prosperity by recklessness why were they rewarded instead of being punished?

It is a question that will baffle historians for years to come. It ranks with other unsolved mysteries of history which cannot explain foolish behaviour with any explanation save that humans are foolish. There are a number of similar types of questions to which we will never find an answer that is satisfactory, for example:-

  1. Why, in the face of experience, did World War One generals and political leaders pursue a war of attrition which killed millions in battles without there being an prospect of any gain for the sacrifice? Why did we then build statutes to those who had organised the wanton destruction of so many young men?
  2. Why did anyone believe that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and come to think about it, what are weapons of mass destruction? Does the definition include those weapons we sold him?
  3. Why were the board of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group not disqualified from serving as directors in future having regard to the sheer greed and negligence that they displayed as directors and why were such directors allowed to retain their ill gotten gains and titles?
  4. Why did the Native Americans keep on believing the white men?
  5. Why was Tony Blair appointed Middle East Peace Envoy
  6. Why do continue to destroy the only place upon which we live? Despite the rhetoric we ignore the perils of climate change?
  7. Why do we believe what we want to believe?

These are among the great unanswered mysteries of the modern world. Perhaps the answer is simple; we humans are infected with a madness that afflicts us from time to time, sporadically. If our disease cannot be sated from small follies then it will find enterprises of great pitch and moment upon which to feed.

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  1. Several mysteries in name, “Protectionism” Globalism and consumerism, and another that which “They dare not speak it’s name”.

    Michael hudson, David Noakes, George Orwell and many others have forewarned of what has and is still going to happen if we good people do nothing only to allow a sellect few to create an evil mind set, set in perpetual motion.

    A word that points towards the venerable title of anarchy, but it need not be the violent model we currently perceive as a resolution, like one October morning which eventually failed miserably but was funded by the same names.

    The kind of anarchy I would like to see before my time is up, is one where complete reciprocation of our whole for the whole is engaged, one that cares what happens if we raise our loved ones and then blindly allow them to die in the name of this so called democracy.

    And blindly create hero’s for an unjust cause and again blindly clap them back home past at the Bassett in recognition that we sent forward the best we breed for a never ending virus, a virus that will eventually consume us faster than we can develope a new to be despatched again by even more efficient ways of cropping for the profit we think we cannot live without.

    The current empire is locked into this model where if it does not continue stealing anothers fortune it will quickly not be able to exist, it must strive to stay on course to where we all become a victim of it’s success.

    We could easily halt this process if we stop allowing all of our childerick to live and die to fund the illusion which is destroying our yet unborn to he future rythum we know will follow as long as it may continue.

    This kind of arrow starts at home and in our hearts will it embed itself if we turn a single blind eye guilty in defence of it’s mindset.

    Pull back your own bow without the arrows.

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