On being greedy

It is human nature to want more of all the good things of life and the more we want the more want we create. Being a human is mostly a competitive business. We compete with each other to secure the best that we can get for ourselves and our offspring. It is a rare specimen of humanity that cries “enough, I have had enough and want no more”.

Those humans who are the most successful understand that if they took a grain of rice from everyone the greedy would have mountains of rice; if a greedy person deprives someone from having a grain of rice he will enhance his own wealth. It never matters that the greedy cannot eat all the rice they take; their offspring will and the descendants of their offspring may never have to plant a single grain again for many generations.

And those who are greedy and those who are not successful at being greedy honour the greedy. There is no logic in honouring the greedy or the simply rich but we do so. The logic is that one greedy person will, in the course of being greedy, create thousands of jobs. This effect is not the motivation of the wealthy; they do not expand a business in order to create jobs but job creation is a side effect of expanding a business.

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  1. It’s all explained in detail here

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