The Nice Thing about Writing a Blog

One of the nicest thing about writing a popular blog is that you meet, not in person but by correspondence through the internet, people who can help you develop your ideas and you can put different views to you. Sometimes you can reject these views and sometimes you can develop them, but without this discourse and development ideas stagnate and liberty, which is the free dissemination of ideas, can be lost.

I have been corresponding with a Australian, Tony Dickson, who has agreed to permit me to publish something on these posts and on Monday (a good day for blog traffic) an article by Tony will appear. I hope that you will read it then, enjoy it, and that it will set you thinking.

Tony’s work highlights the problem of economic growth, a problem that i have explained in these pages before. In the words of Brian Czech, we are shovelling fuel on a runaway train. Tony is a farmer and sees things with the logic of someone who lives close to the land, unlike me. Read all about economic growth and what it really means tomorrow.