The Greatest Griefs

The events of that sunny day on 9th September 2001 were devastating for thousands of families. That day is not the darkest day in history, nor is it the day when most lives were lost or when most people suffered; it was not the most tragic happening of our lifetimes; nevertheless it is fitting that we pay our respects to those who died, especially to those who died attempting to save life.

What happened after that day is much more tragic, and it caused far more loss of life all because the western democracies running scared, running away from their principles to adopt the devices of tyrants in an attempt to protect themselves, and thus lost themselves.

The leaders of great democracies over reacted to the destruction of the twin towers at the World Trade Centre. They would have done well to remember the words of D J Enright:-

“The greatest griefs shall find themselves inside the smallest cage.

It’s only then that we can hope to tame their rage”