The Decline of Western Civilisation

Our Western culture – the civilisation of Europe and the USA and Canada has dominated the world for many centuries. It has been the most affluent and successful society in these times. Most of the wealth and inventions have originated from western culture. Is our Western society going to remain dominant or will the cultures and civilisations of China, Arabia and India overtake us and dominate us? Is our culture in decline or are other cultures simply developing to compete with ours?

We may examine our civilisation to test whether it is in decline by considering just five questions:

  1. Is our society more concerned with displaying affluence instead of building wealth?
  2. Is our society becoming obsessed with sex and perversions of sex?
  3. Has our art become freakish and sensationalistic instead of creative and original
  4. Is there a widening disparity between the very rich and very poor?
  5. Is there an increased demand to live off the state?

If you answer these questions honestly, the answers are not comfortable for Western society.

Edward Gibbon, who wrote about the decline and fall of Roman civilisation, considered these five points as marks of a culture that is decaying. These marks were displayed in the decay of theRoman Empire and in the decay of other great civilisations.

I do not think that history repeats itself exactly, but does repeat itself in substance but with minor variations. Edward Gibbon’s analysis of the decay of the Roman Empire set out in the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, published in 1776 has been almost universally accepted since it was published. It may be inconvenient to apply his analysis to our society but if we do so we must hold that Western society and civilisation has run its course and is now in a process of decay.

3 Responses

  1. Great thought to question this developed society…

  2. Hello there, For sure, I say it , but do not beleve it. For the past 37 years I have sojurned on this earth, for the last good part of 20 years I have read, read lots of literature, lots also , covering more than 400 years of opinions on the “down fall of America, or Brittain, or Europe….by well known influentual people or just community opinions.Never!

    I have come to realise, I am noe 37, the West, yes will endure a few rockets and rotten tomatoes thrown at it, but the downfall?

    Never. not now nor in 20000 years time, you see, its about birth then growing up then taking responsibilities, the West has got 10/10 for all that compared to any other civilizations thousands and thousands of years older….no man, but if yuou like that kind of thing, Attack!!! Goodluck.

  3. Robert, it is very sorrowful to say you are right. It is well observable in our “postcommunist ” countries. And I just add that we dig our graves.

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