Blogging my life away

Have I been blogging my life away?

I wrote my first post on 29th October 2007, and have posted something every day, even if it is merely a Christmas or Easter greeting. I have now sat down in front of a computer with a view to writing something for this blog more than one thousand three hundred at sixty times, and each time a few or a lot of words have been consigned to my computer’s hard drive and from there sent hurtling soundlessly through the internet to reach the blog. I have now written articles for this blog and have had it seen by more than 300,000 “all time views” counted by the blog site managers, word press. There have been other views on other sites, whose numbers I cannot compute. I do not know how many different individuals have seen this. This site has generated more than 3,800 comments. I have not counted the words but I would guess that I have written more than a million of them for this site.