Medicine for the Environment

The environment is ailing. It suffers from a disease. It is obese from our consumption of fossil fuel. Humanity is rapidly shovelling food into a mouth whose stomach is already too full. Humanity addiction to energy means that it cannot go cold turkey and like a smoker’s resolutions, is full of fine intentions but no resolve. We have identified the medicine but find it too bitter to swallow.

We know that we emit twice the carbon dioxide that the planet can naturally sequester. Even if the whole world cut its greenhouse gas emissions in half now, today, the planet will still warm, because there would still be more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than the plant can handle without continuing climate change.

Instead, some of humanity is attempting to cut emissions by 20% in the next ten years while a greater part of humanity is increasing their emissions. Overall the mathematics of these equations provides no confidence that humanity can stem the changing climate which changes they are causing.