Democracy In the United Kingdom

TheUnited Kingdomtraditionally holds elections and referenda on Thursdays, and I have managed to vote in everyUKelection since I reached the age of 18. I voted in the Alternative Vote Referendum. I live inLondonand there were no local elections inLondonon Thursday, just the referendum, but the rest of the country had to vote in local elections as well as the referendum about alternative voting.

The nation voted against using the alternative vote by a very significant majority, I think that is good news. I would welcome another referendum for abolishing the House of Lords and electing an upper chamber on the basis of proportional representation buy I shall not hold my breath. Politicians can reward their cronies and mates (and inevitably do) by giving them a seat in the House of Lords at appropriate moments. Once there, these “noble” people are there for life.

Many unelected members of the House of Lords wrote in the newspapers or appeared on radio and television pontificating about democracy and alternative voting system.
Such is the nature of the British Establishment I only heard one challenged – ”Lord” Ashdown – about the hypocrisy of his views about the democratic voting required while maintaining a seat in an unelected upper chamber. His answer was political snake oil – he was only there in the House of Lords to change the system from within.

Mr Ashdown was “ennobled” in 2000, so his eleven years in the House of Lords have not yet managed to reform it into a democratic body.

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  1. This election was a distraction from the real option all those careerists in pseudo different party’s don’t want:
    Direct democracy !

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