Vote early, vote often

Today I imagine that less than half of those qualified to vote in the United Kingdom will stir themselves up out of their apathy or take a break from their busy lives to vote in the referendum about voting. If you do vote in the referendum you will have just a single vote and have the opportunity to cast it in favour of giving yourself and similarly less apathetic people more than one vote, so that if you vote in future you may be able to vote often.

This referendum asks the wrong question of the voters. Why are we being asked to vote on a single alternative voting system? Alternative Votes is not the only viable system; why not ask us to give preferences about first past the post, Alternative Votes, proportional representation by merged constituencies, proportional representation nationally, abolition of the House of Lords, proportional representation on an elected second chamber.

If we were given the full choice rather as the Alternative Votes supporters think it is appropriate and right for us in General Elections and we would put down our preferences I have no doubt that Alternative Votes would be the least preferred preference. Ironic, isn’t it?

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