Cluster Bombs in Libya

Shock, horror; it has been reported that in Libya Mr Gaddafi’s forces have been launching cluster bombs as part of attempts to regain a city lost to the rebels. There has been great condemnation from the so called civilised world that a weapon, developed in Germany, Italy and the United States of America more than sixty years ago and used by Germany (in the second world war) Russia (in the Chechen war), Serbia, NATO, the United States (in Iraq) Israel (in Lebanon) and Georgia and made in many countries in the European Union (including Spain) is now being used by this vicious dictator in Libya.

Mr Gaddafi denies the use of cluster bombs.

Of course the use of cluster bombs is a terrible and immoral thing, whoever uses them, because inevitably they kill indiscriminately, a problem that applies to all bombing whether cluster or otherwise. I can see no difference in using cluster bobs and using any other kind of bomb. The point of bombing is to destroy things including people and there is no intelligence in an explosion.

In recent wars it seems that the West and developed nations have the habit of sending aircraft high in the sky where they are relatively safe from attack to drop bombs on armies and installations below. The higher that an aircraft flies to drop bombs the more inaccurate bomb dropping becomes and hence we have what was termed “collateral damage” but in fact is collateral murder.

The use of cluster bombs is governed by a treaty finally signed in August 2010 and has been adopted by about 50 nations. Those that have not adopted it includeLibya,China,India,Pakistan,Israeland theUnited States of America, motley and interesting bedfellows for Mr Gaddafi.

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