War and Oil

I have a memory of a television news report just after theIraqwar started. A man, whose child had been killed by Allied bombing shout “just take the bloody oil and go, leave us alone”. At that time many of us thought that theIraqwar was about oil, and so it has proved. TodayChinabuys Iraqi oil than all the other nations put together, butChinadid not fight inIraq, so what benefit was there to the Allies for fighting the war?

The negative side of the war is easy to compute albeit inaccurately. Many tens of thousands of people lost their lives mostly Iraqi. Many Iraqi were murdered from the air while trying to go about their daily lives in a war zone. The infrastructure of a nation was destroyed and in return a shortage of water, energy and power brought illness and death to many. Ancient artefacts and treasures were left unprotected.  Terrorists foundIraqa happy hunting ground for the first time, able to recruit from those terribly affected by the war.

No seems to remark that the climate change cost of the war has been very heavy and will stay with us for a hundred years and the emissions from explosions fires, well burning and the war machinery still fill the atmosphere.

On the positive side it may be argued that Saddam Husain was toppled and killed and one dictatorship was replaced by democratic elections, but without freedom democracy is a bitter tasting herb. It has been argued that the war prevented the spread of terrorism but no one believes that now any more than they believe that there were weapons of mass destruction.

But whatever else happened the oil was released and flowed mainly to China, not to the Allies. This actually has benefited the Allies who were composed of wealthy developed nations mostly dependent upon oil for energy. The more oil that flows on the market the more there is for the Allies in a world where supply is finite and demand grows constantly. The Allies did not have to take the bloody oil (for so it was) to benefit from it, they just had to have it on the market.

For what?

 I mean the truth untold,
The pity of war, the pity war distilled.

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