The Gulf of Mexico one year after the oil spillage

A year on from the 200 million gallon oil spillage in the Gulf of México reports are that the fish numbers have increased, and the fishing is better than ever. Shark populations have increased threefold, reef figures by twofold and shrimp numbers have doubled.

Trawl net fishing is providing abundance of fish.

It seems that the halt in fishing has enabled fish stocks to recover. The long term effects of the oil spillage have not yet been seen. It is expected that long term damage may be caused by the oil spillage affecting the reproductive ability of the marine life.

Unfortunately more dolphins than usual, higher than before, are being washed by dead. No reason has yet been found for this. Rays seem to be migrating from the area where the oil spillage occurred, and the rays seem to be as normal.

The coastal beaches and marshes seem to be free from oil residue.

The disaster of the oil spillage has affected people more than the marine life. People have lost their businesses and their livelihoods. They still worry about the future of the fisheries and the economic uncertainty. There is less political will in solving those problems and as the Gulf seems to have recovered, from a short term viewpoint, the long term is still in doubt. The humans dependent upon the Gulf have suffered and are still continuing to suffer as in the minds of the public Gulf seafood became, overnight, a tainted brand.

The recovery of the fishing stocks in the Gulf is almost certainly due to a long period when no one fished. It is excellent news and there seems no rational reason why people should avoid eating Gulf fish. there are many irrational reasons why people avoid Gulf fish today, but none of them make any sense.

One positive but unintended, consequence of the oil spillage is that fishing stopped and fish stocks recovered, and recovered well. they will continue to recover well while people avoid eating gulf fish. It would be good if fishing were stopped in some places other than due to some environmental disaster. The Gulf has shown that even a short stop in fishing boosts stocks.

I hope that those who have eaten Gulf fish and have now stopped doing so will return to their former diet. The fishing businesses in the Gulf, already hard hit, deserve no less.

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  1. Have you seen any reports on ANY of those newly caught fish from the gulf being tested for contamination from not only the oil, but the hundreds of gallons of chemicals used to “clean up” the oil?

    This is why I will not eat fish from the gulf.

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