The Legacy

The problems of today are usually treated as more pressing and more serious than the problems of tomorrow. In some cases today’s problems are the most important ones but we ignore the problems of the future at our peril. Most of the serious issues with which our descendants must deal are being created by us.

It is quite easy to understand what the long term has to offer. There is the problem of injustice, social and national, which creates resentment which in turn creates violence. There is the problem of nuclear energy – a reliable but dangerous source of energy which we are employing without really being sure that we can safely store the waste product for ten thousand years.

Most serious of all, there is the problem that we humans are warming our climate and in doing so are change weather patterns, creating more violent longer lasting weather events and changing our ability to live on our planet. This generation are sowing seeds which will bear bitter, unpalatable and poisonous fruit. Their legacy will be drunk from a poisoned chalice.