Why China is achieving more economic prosperity

In the 1950s and 1960s the world perceived the success of the Germany economy as wonderful. The Germans had a word for it – the Wirtschaftswunder, which means the economic miracle. In the past twenty years the economic miracle of the world has been China. Obviously making an economic miracle means working hard and intelligently. Some rich nations become lazy, and lose their desire and hunger. Every poor nation is hungry, and people are prepared to work hard and intelligently but something stands in their way.

If you are struggling for food then your energy is devoted to securing food. If you are in a nation at war your energy is devoted to securing safety and peace.  If you are poor you struggle to become wealthier but something holds you back, unless you can control it. That thing is population growth.

China has managed its population growth. Some would say that it has managed it by repressive and unacceptable laws.

Sixty years ago China’s population was 563 million. By the middle of the 1980s the population had reached about a billion. Today it is 1.3 billion. It could have been far greater than that figure, but had it been greater the economic success of China, which has improved the life of hundreds of millions, would not have happened.

To keep a stable population a nation needs a fertility rate of 2.1; on average each woman in her lifetime should have 2.1 children. China’s fertility rate is 1.7. By contrast the fertility rate of the United Kingdom is 1.9 but that of India is 2.8. Projecting China’s future population on the basis of the existing fertility rate means a population stabilising at about 1.4 billion in 2030 and then decreasing. India’s population will overtake that of China by 2030, expected to be 1.52 million.

There is clearly a link between population growth and prosperity with most, but not all, natiuons needing to stabilise population if they are to have any chance of attaining prosperity. The slowly down of population growth also is likely to alleviate climate change.  China has largely achieved economic growth because it has managed to slow down its population growth; you cannot, I think, have it both ways.


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  1. The Chinese model and our long term drought began just over one hundred years ago when we signed and took possesion of our colony at Hong Kong.

    Ever since then the men at Del-bankte said yes and a gateway to the richest commodity, not resorces or birth rates, not silver or gold but peoples physical largess was open to abuse, and all but a few countries well and truly took a hit in their wallets ever since, namely all people who use to physically make the things we used to be proud of.

    Today also ensues one of the biggest problems in how to feed all these mouths working for us for next to nothing while we in the west pay hansomely for what is actually a very expensive item when the real figires are known.

    IE: mid range pair of sneekers, cost to middle man after manufacture and international delivery runs at around £ 4.00 pounds and to the end user 60 – 100 pounds.

    To understand how we are being manipulated you need to go and study your history especially more recent ones including a wider range including galactic and solar types because most weather patterns are influenced by a collection of what many say is complicated, but only by those who fail to do the reserch or are prevented in understanding the events concerning climate change.

    We are not immune to outside influences to what makes the planet what it is today and has always been, the climate change record is stuck on the groove today and for a very good reason and vested interests like those eastern basket cases full of western funding, the two are related please go and find some better answers because you will learn that everything that glitters is not gold but the lies are a plenty for control of the most valuble commodity on Earth namely people.

    If your worried about recent events you ought to know that history, and who doesn’t or has simply forgot to mention it for some reason will benefit if you don’t learn fast, as the ready energy starts to run out in the next few hundred years, then a return to true slavery will return in earnest.

    Food famine and starvation today and since the beginning of the indtustrialisation are being done in the name of profit just for the people who fund it all, namely the super rich 10%.

    If we don’t want to know how we all as a species are in this mess then that is fine, for those that do,simply follow what the money is doing to us all and where it is pointed towards and who prospers, the west has been doing this for decades if not hundreds of years to both its own people and the rest of the planet without regard for both.

    We have to start thinking long term like the super rich, not short term like society has been pointed over the last hundred years or so, this includes climate change which like the seasons is wholely cyclical.

    Current records show we are cooling down, go seek and you will find.

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