Surveying the climate

There is probably more “cobblers” written about climate change than any other scientific topic. I have almost certainly contributed to some of the cobblers out there, although not knowingly.  When we analyse climate change in our own minds we tend to think disjunctively, selecting the bits of information that suit our prejudices. It is hard for the lay man to approach this difficult topic as a whole, giving appropriate weight to each argument.

Thus the climate change deniers, on the whole, have selective facts which they deploy selectively, in exactly the same way that climate change believers do so. I have always tried to see matters as a whole and reach my conclusions independently of bias, and that can be hard.

The more information we can gather about climate change the better and the more informed we can be. Not all information is collected by scientists; indeed over the years more useful information has been collected by amateurs.

Open Air Laboratories have started a climate survey which launches in March 2011, in which it asks for our observations. You can observe aircraft contrails, wind speed and direction and explain how hot orr cold you think it is. You can, if you want to participate in this survey get more information at


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