Daylight in London

I am glad that the long nights of winter are ending. In London we have virtually ten hours of daylight today, St Valentine’s Day and from now the days will be getting longer by three minutes and forty five seconds (or so) every day. By the time that the clocks change on 27th March I shall be enjoying daylight of more than twelve hours and that will make me feel all is right with the world.

Already the earliest buds and flowers have appeared and it seems that the cold snows and frosts are simply a memory, but in England you can never be too sure what the weather will bring. Whatever it brings, it is good to see the daylight when I go to work and soon I shall see it when I return.

There is something clean and good about the daylight, and although it harbours just as many dangers as the winter, I would live with endless summer, but if not that, then at least welcome the sun as it comes.