Waging cyber war

We are so dependent upon computers and the internet these days. Evil minded people cause disruption and damage and censor our speech and writings by cyber warfare.  There is already an established form of cyber warfare perpetrated by people who invent and spread computer viruses. A whole industry is dedicated to combating viruses. However there is another form of cyber warfare that nations wage.

It has been reported that Google left its operations in China because the Chinese government hacked into the search engine, looking at emails sent by political activists (probably not the Government’s political activists) and censoring the searches that Google’s engine threw up. Google found that its spoon was not long enough to sup with the devil.

We have also seen that Wikileaks has had to find new hosts because it too had been subjected to cyber attack. I can only imagine that the cyber attacks upon Wikileaks are by or on behalf or at the behest of some Government somewhere. I wonder which Government has been upset that what Wikileaks has disseminated, indeed so upset as to seek to curtail freedom of speech.

No doubt in the future Wikileaks or another organisation like it, will tell us who has been waging cyber war and why they did so.

I doubt if cyber warfare will ever cease. As anti virus measures kill old viruses, so new improved viruses will be invented, requiring even more anti virus measures. If Google or Wikileaks are prevented from doing what they wish to do, someone will simply drop a coin sized data device on line somewhere with all the latest dirt that governments thought that had swept under the carpet.

You see, ultimately, you cannot win a cyber war, merely wage it. That is the nature of the internet.

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