A Short Guide to the United Kingdom’s Renewable Energy Statistics

This year the United Kingdom is generating 3% of its energy requirements from renewable sources as defined by the European Union. That may seem to be cause for celebration, as that figure can only rise, we hope.

However before we start our celebrations we must remember that 3% is a long way off the 2020 target. The United Kingdom has accumulated three marks out of twenty when it comes to renewable energy.

We must also remember that the main reason for using renewable energy is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, the European Union’s definition of renewables includes technologies that do not reduce green house gas emissions but actually consume electricity which is made with fossil fuel, such as heat pumps, and energy that is created by burning such as biomass. It matters not whether we replant trees to replace the biomass burnt; there is a net gain in emissions. Also many of the biofuels are suspect when it comes to saving emissions and of course the more biofuels we grow the less food we shall grow.

It is therefore unsurprising that the United Kingdom’s greenhouse gas emissions have hardly fallen, notwithstanding the economy. If we count the emissions that the United Kingdom creates but emits in places like India and China, overall the chart shows the confusion in policy between renewables for their own sake and greenhouse gas savings.


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