Solar Thermal Energy and the Energy Action Plans of the European Member States

The European Union has been pushing renewable energy at its member states. In many cases it has been pushing at an open door but in some cases, particularly that of the United Kingdom, the national renewable energy plan has not yet been completed in so far as renewable heat is concerned.

The United Kingdom Government has now announced that a renewable heat incentive will start next year, and is currently working out the details of that incentive. I wish them luck in their deliberations and I also wish them wisdom. The first and foremost thing that they must do is ignore advice that they and the previous government have received about solar panels and the value of solar technology. The advice they received is plain wrong and indeed runs contrary to the experience and wisdom of virtually every other European Member state.

I shall illustrate this with some statistics about the renewable action plans of all European member states when to comes to solar thermal. These have been collected together by ECN, the Energy Research centre of the Netherlands.

The statistics shows, on the basis of current action plans calculated annual growth in solar thermal at five yearly intervals for each member state up to 2020.

United Kingdom policy makers may consider are all these nations are wrong in their assessment of the value of solar thermal. The figures are for projected growth and logically the United Kingdom, with very little installed solar thermal energy compared with say Germany and Austria and Ireland and the Czech Republic and Denmark should have its numbers of installed solar systems grow more rapidly. at some stage logic overtakes ignorance, and so it will be with this.

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