Nothing in excess

You know something is nice but you also know that too much of it is not terribly good for you; you can have too much of a good thing. Energy is terribly useful. In fact we cannot carry out our modern lives without energy. If we were to lose our electricity and gas and other forms of energy overnight many of us would die, some from hypothermia, others from lack of modern medicine which is so dependent on electricity.

Similarly if we use our energy to excess it is likely that many of us will die, but not from hypothermia or lack of medicines and food, but strangled by the slow death of global warming.

At Delphi there was a temple which had carved into it the following phrase

“μηδέν άγαν” which means nothing in excess.

I have not got a picture of Delphi; I was last there long before the age of digital photographs and at a time where every photograph taken was expensive. So to remind you that good things should not be taken in excess I offer you a picture of a place in los Angeles which has the  best donuts I have found, provided you do not eat too many of them.