Killing People

I have never supported capital punishment. It is a topic that excites people often into irrational arguments. Personally I have never though it right to kill people convicted even of the most heinous crimes; I have seen the judicial system in action. It is not perfect and frequently grave injustice is done. If a person is convicted wrongfully and not executed, you can at least make some redress, but once executed the matter is beyond redress. However, more importantly, I think that killing criminals is wrong, whether they are killed for sheep stealing (as they have been in England), horse stealing (as they have been in the United States) adultery (as they have been in parts of the Middle East), murder (as they have been in many countries) or genocide and crimes against humanity (as they have been in Germany and Israel).

It has been reported that most recent of the hundred and nine people executed by the Commonwealth of Virginia since 1976 was a woman, Teresa Lewis whose life was ended by lethal injection two days ago. I understand that she admitted to arranging the killing of her husband and step son by two “hitmen” that she employed. She wanted the insurance money. She committed this heinous crime in 2002. The hitmen were sentenced to life imprisonment but only Mrs Lewis paid with her life.

By all accounts Mrs Lewis was not an intelligent person, with a low IQ of 72, just two points above the legal limit for executing people (they have such a limit in the United States). She confessed to the crime within a few days, and since 2002 has been involved in a series of unsuccessful appeals in the hope that she would be consigned to prison for the rest of her natural life.

Her co conspirators did not suffer her fate. The trial judge ruled that Mrs Lewis was the “head of the serpent” but the analogy is too simplistic to be true. Three people plotted and carried out two cold blooded murders for gain, and it offends justice for them to be treated differently.

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  1. There is little or no justice for the victims of crimes these days and too much attention is payed to those who commit these crimes. Why do we keep sick people, like child raping murderers, alive?

    Why waste our time and money looking after these dregs of society, there will always be mistakes made and we must make sure that the evidence in solid. Just think how the parents of these poor kids feel knowing these people are still alive when there kids are dead!

    I say we remove them from society and send a message to criminals you cross the line and your paying for it!!

    The worlds gone soft!! And the evil people are having a field day!

    You’re right all 3 of them should have died!!

    Respect and Peace!

  2. In many of cases it is society that makes these people like they are, institututional vased learning creates a system that will always break the laws of man, where as the laws of nature can never be crossed with nature taking its just cause on those who ignore the whole.

    Man made laws are a big mess and bunkum and will never work along side nature and will eventually fail in the future.

    The only answer for dealing with those who leave the current laws and system behind is to have them work for the whole until their passing, teach them how to be with the whole and to benefit it, killing them serves no purpous whatsoever.

    Executing someone is akin to making someone work for nothing, and giving someone something for nothing it simply doesn’t work in the long run, here is why we are in the great big mess we see today, I have posted it before, so for those that missed it here it is again.

  3. Ok so I’ve just watched the film that Davy posted and even though I understand the system in which we ‘free slaves / livestock’ operate in, I fail to see the relevance in this situation.
    Just because the state or governments keep us where they want us and milk our taxes, does this mean that we should tolerate extreme depravity and murderous behaviour?

    It’s also true that we’re groomed for productivity as children, to provide for the state in adulthood, but how else is this huge number of people supposed to work / live together.
    Our problem is that there are too many of us, something that Robert has mentioned many times before. If we are to lead moderately happy and relatively free lives then we have to work for the whole, as Davy puts it, and provide for the state.
    This film and many others like it state the obvious failings of society and the systems that control it, yet offer no solutions.
    Love the quote at the end, “to see it is to be free of it” what a load of tripe!

    So the question remains, do we accept murdering paedophiles and other sick minded individuals in our society? Or by the systematic culling of them (keeping with the farming terminology), gradually remove this defective gene pool from society?

    Respect and Peace!

  4. I’ve just read my last response again and the last line doesn’t read very well at all, but I’m afraid I was somewhat wound up by the film. Please accept my apologies.

    Davy ask’s what purpose will execution serve? I ask what purpose does it serve to keep child murderers alive? And how on earth is society creating these sick people?

    Please help me understand, as i’m struggling to come to terms with this argument.

    Respect and Peace!

  5. The moral of the story is @dam, it is society that creates these desperate people with an ellement of upbringing from altogether and desperate people, who have to put up with the failings of this entirely seperate system amongst the universe, god help the rest of it if our fledgling mind set ever reaches new parts of it, we simply are not ready to venture.

    This system we cherish by wlaking on childerick is truly coming to an end just like its Fiat economy and another has long been planned to take over, and I very much doubt that the new one will be any better with an alternative Fiat which will not fix our problems, only exacerbate it further.

    The only way for us to live in a stable Garden of Eden which belongs to everyboby is one of reciprocation for the whole, because when one piece of the puzzle sufffers we all suffer in a constant resolution on our ridiculous and imoral plane of greed and lack of empathy for our Whole.

    A Borg like mentality where all units are the master and the worker is the only way we can climb out of the I’m all right jack mind set we live in today.

  6. So what do we do with the extremely bad apples of the world? If you’re accepting that society has created these people, how does society deal with them? I’d like to know that.
    We’re in agreement Davy, greed and wealth are the spoils of an evil, uncaring system.

    It’s easy to spot our failings but what are the solutions?

    Respect and Peace!

  7. A Borg like mentality? The whole rule and make societies laws, is this what you mean?

    I wonder how the majority would deal with the worlds worst people? If the majority decided that execution was a perfectly reasonable punishment for the most serious crimes, would you accept it?


  8. To understand our current problems we need to turn off the TV and learn our history of money and who actually dishes out its life shattering properties and we will learn who is in control of the manufactured boom and bust qualities we witness every couple of decades and and depression every 100 years or so.

    Then we need to teach our children not to do what we have been doing upon childerick, children just like our own, where child makes things for the children amongst us both old and young.

    The way our children are being taught is wholey destructive, they are being taken further and further away from nature and now many know not where our food actually comes from, yet they can tell of around a 1000 corporate logo’s by the time they leave high school, but not tell of a dozen wild flowers or fauna.

    Once as we start thinking as a whole for everyones whole we will being to wake up to what is being done in the name of expansion and economic growth, a system desined to fail every time.

    There is a saying which goes,

    Don’t listen to what they are saying, just watch what they are doing and you will know who they are”.

    An action we do by MSM who tell you next to nothing and for a good reson, if you make the gerneral populous use their minds and free will we can govern ourselves quite easily, and all the badness amongst us can be ironed out through reciprocacy and not the stick, once this happens the whole looks after the whole.

    What we do with the bad apples today must first be educated as a whole beforehand, then the good apples will blossom.

    Here is a speach made over 10 years ago, he is a man for his working day, we may not believe in all he says but he makes real scence and fits part of my minuites here today.

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