Wind turbine at a solar cell plant

Life is rich with irony, that subtle wicked form of humour. In Cardiff a factory that builds dye sensitised solar photovoltaic cells for the PV industry at Wentloog Environmental Centre, is getting a large wind turbine to help power the plant, feeding any surplus into the grid. For some reason the photovoltaic cells have been rejected as a provider of electricity. Continue reading

Genersys the smallest carbon footprint in Chile

Many people talk about carbon footprint but very few go to the trouble of measuring the emissions of their activities. In Chile the Chilean-British Chamber of Commerce has awarded Genersys Sud America as having the smallest carbon footprint for small and medium sized enterprises. It is a high and significant award for corporate environmental responsibility. I am very proud of Genersys Sud America, led by Alvaro Castro, for this achievement. It means that not only does Genersys reduce emissions by the sale and installation of our thermal solar panels, but it also conducts its business with the lowest possible emissions – two benefits for the price of one!

One day all businesses will be as emission efficient as Genersys Sud America.