One thousand essays on this blog

When I started writing these posts nearly three years ago I resolved to spend some time every day to define my ideas and thoughts and put them in writing. It helps me think clearly and my blog is a good medium for exchanging ideas. I have leant many useful things and have had the benefit of many views from readers who have been kind enough to post their opinions. Today I post my one thousandth essay, and by way of a celebration it will be a very short one.WordPress has counted over 208,000 views on these posts. Others have indicated that there might have been as many as 350,000 views. Some people have visited the blog for just a minute or two while others have spent far longer than that, using the search engine within the blog to look up various topics.

The internet has managed to provide me with a very broadly spread readership in age, country and occupation. Hundreds of people now subscribe to the blog.

I shall keep on blogging for the time being, always trying to help the environment by providing material for thought and suggestions for action. However, after a thousand posts I do feel I should thank you for reading them and hope that you will continue so to do.

3 Responses

  1. Well done Robert – I’m a relative newb to your blog, but I think it’s one of the best I’ve seen and consider it very enjoyable, informative and I’m now an avid reader! Thank you!

    You’ve officially reached the status of a kilo-blogger, awesome achievement fella. Can I ask you some questions?

    1) Do you think, in the time you’ve been blogging, that you’ve seen a change in real action towards global warming or just appealing rhetoric?

    2) Have any of your short stories ever been published?

    Respect and Peace!

    • Thanks for your kind comments

      My answers:-

      1. I think that governments have become more convinced about global warming but people have become less convinced. This will deter governments from taking necessary measures, especially in the present hard times.

      2. One story was published in a Canadian Magazine which students at a University got out – The Conversion of Paul – but I haven’t submitted the others to any publishers. One day perhaps I might find a literary agent who can do what I cannot.

      Thanks again


  2. Well done, Robert, awesome achievement; I don’t know how you do it!

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