Moving on from the Iraq war

When a politician says that it is time to “move on” what he or she usually means that they want a public debate about a topic to stop, because they find it inconvenient to talk about it. David Miliband, former Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom, thinks that we should all stop talking about the war in Iraq. Continue reading

American Rivers are getting warmer

The University of Maryland has found that rivers in the United States are getting warmer. They have analysed temperature information for 40 streams and rivers over the past 24 to 100 years and found that year by year rivers are warming. Continue reading

The new coalition’s environmental policies

The new Conservative Liberal Democrat Coalition has now published their environmental policies and they make interesting reading. The policy is in terms of its environmental friendliness better than the policies of the three major political parties; here compromise has led to improvement.

I can analyse the policies into four groups, the small, the large, the middling and the uncertain. I do not use these terms in a derogatory sense, Continue reading

Governing or controlling the people

Many people believe that governments which govern least are best. If you believe that then you will have been dismayed over the past thirteen years to see that the old United Kingdom Government – a democratic government of a democratic land, has blighted our fair democracy with regulation, control and restriction, often for the sake of control, rather than for any genuine reason. Continue reading

Running out of money

The world, or at least the developed part of the world, is running out of money. The undeveloped part of the world never had much money anyway, and for much of it the money they had was scooped up by corrupt officials and the developed world. Here in the United Kingdom people and businesses are short of money. The European Union is short of money too, with Greece owing so much money that no one is willing to lend to it. What is even more telling is that the Greek bail out does not involve lending Greece money, but rather the giving of guarantees. Continue reading

The Review of the 2007 IPCC Report

The folks at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change are trying to regain some of their previous standing by instituting a review of its 3007 report. That report contained information on melting glaciers, which was shown to be completely wrong in that it indicated that the Himalayan glaciers would melt 300 years sooner that the scientific research could justify.

There are likely to be other errors found in a comprehensive review of the report, but I would be very surprised if those errors were serious or significant. The people who do not think that climate change is caused by human activity, will be seizing on every error, however insignificant.

The errors, I suspect, will be found in the calculations of the prognoses, rather than in the climate change science itself. Prediction is an art which traditionally provides negative returns; describing the science and the theory of climate change is likely to be proved to be done properly and without exaggeration. At least that is my view of the outcome.

Of course if the review is carried out with anything other than the utmost accuracy and robustness, the IPPC will lose credibility and possibly the concept of anthropogenic climate change will be discredited in the minds of the public, until it is too late. As the IPCC are not carrying out the review themselves, the review should be robust and accurate. It will probably be published in October.

Water vapour and climate change

There has been some debate on some of these posts about the role of water vapour in climate. It needs to some clear thinking to understand the reaction and action of water vapour on climate change. Continue reading