Who cleans up BP’s mess?

When the banks were collapsing, not so long ago, everyone screamed for the Chief Executives of the banks to be sacked. The Chief Executives of the failing banks put out a statement through the equivalent of their trade association. which claimed that the people responsible for making the mess were best placed to clean it up.

It is a bit like arguing that the driver responsible for a crash is the best person to give medical attention to those he has injured.

Right now BP, Transocean, Anadarko, Cameron International and Halliburton in different ways, are responsible for cleaning up the massive leak in the Gulf of Mexico. Most of the burden falls upon BP, because it appears that they have the expertise to clean up the mess, although actually their expertise is in deep sea oil drilling, not cleaning up massive oil spills.

The United States government has imposed a series of deadlines by which BP has to seal the leak, but those deadlines have come and gone and the leak remains unsealed, belching crude oil into the ocean, of which only a small proportion is being collected and sequestrated. The deadlines are, of course, just posturing. I have no doubt that the financial imperative on BP to clean up the mess is more persuasive than any government deadline.

Astonishingly, US law limits the liability of those responsible for environmental disasters such as this.

It is hard to know exactly how much crude oil is leaking and exactly how large the oil spill is. Estimates range from 5,00 barrels of oil a day, but some independent scientists calculate the flow rate of the spill at more than 70,000 barrels a day.

The US administration is showing impatience with BP. They rightly want the oil spill capped. Whether the best way to achieve this is to use the resources of the business that is responsible for the leak, remains to be seen.

2 Responses

  1. There is nothing astonishing about the limited liability BP has in this case as they have made millions, if not billions, of Dollars in campaign contributions to leading Democrats, including Mr. Obama in return for a $75 million cap.

    There is testimony and evidence that BP execs pressured the drilling crew to exceed safe drilling standards and then damaged the “fail safe” valve that relied on a large rubber gizmo that would close off the upwelling pipe. It failed after both the ordinary closures failed in another “engineered fail safe” mechanism collapse. So, here we are.

    Two “good old boys,” one in blue denim overalls, demonstrated to TV people how spreading straw on the surface will pick up the oil and it can be in turn retrieved with an existing kelp harvester. The material is then dried, compressed into “logs” or pellets and used as home heating fuel, but BP and Federal engineers won’t give these guys the time of day because they are “red necks!” We too have stupidity and asinine snobbery in America while the oil continues to gush. Congress is about to make the situation far worse for America by outlawing all US offshore oil drilling just as they have in our park lands. As a result some huge percentage of our usable reserve is “off limits.” Stand by the collapse.

  2. The rig in question was on a downwards slope in numbers of flowing barrels, she was worth much more to the owners as a right off than a productive capacity, very much like the twin towers and many of the other platforms in the Canterell region of the gulf, they are on the decline as we speak.

    The decline of which is spoken will eventually take hold once as we reach our ceiling for unconventional agriculture backed by big oil, naturally nature can only produce a tiny fraction of the food we need without its forcing abilities.

    The USA in Alaska is said to have at least another 200 years worth of reachable oil, maybe we will steal anothers fortune and get others to work anothers gain before tapping into the shoulders of their own giants under their own ground.

    A decline is definately on the cards for half the worlds population but it woun’t be for want of trying to share that sustinence, which really belongs to us all not just the few.

    If we are to beleive that oil is Abiotic and not from dead sea creatures then we will never run out, or not in the next million years at least, but that’s another story for the worlds scientists to proove or dissproove.

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