BP and their environmental record

After the hurricane came the plague of oil. Accidents will happen, but they seem to happen far too frequently in the oil industry and in the coal industry. BP, proudly “beyond petroleum” has shown us just how far beyond petroleum BP now lies. World oil production is about sixty three million barrels a day but today it seems that 5,000 barrels a day are leaking into the Gulf of Mexico from a BP facility. An oil slick threatens the coast of Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi and not just threatens wildlife and sea plants but will also almost certainly decimate the fishing industry at a time when fish should be spawning, rather than dying from unrefined oil seeping into their gills and suffocating them.

We will see far fewer oysters from the Gulf, much less fish, and the livelihoods of those brace fishermen that bring us fish are now threatened for a second time in a few short years.

I have frequently criticised BP in these posts. I am unhappy with their work in Canada where they are exploiting the oil tars at the expense of the local environment and the people who have lived there for generations. I am puzzled by Tony Blair elevating John Browne, who ran BP, first as a knight of the realm and then as one of the people’s peers, a people’s peer earning £5.7 million a year, which I suppose accords with Mr Blair’s concepts of what a people’s peer should be. Mr Browne, needless to say, is not my lord.

I do not know whether ultimately BP will be found to blame for the events which have caused this massive oil spillage, which shows no sign of ending. Accidents will happen but BP has spent millions in advertising propaganda in attempting to promote itself as a “green” company. Perhaps this commitment to green propaganda got John Browne his peerage, because there was certainly no practical commitment to the environment.

No matter what you say your actions ultimately betray your real character. A careless use of the word “bigot” revealed Gordon Brown’s attitude to people who disagree with him. An oil spillage, almost certainly preventable, reveals the environmental credentials of BP.

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  1. “I am a scientist” seems to work well here for all the people who want to believe carbon is evil and must be controlled and taxed. In America the anthropogenic global warming people have been getting $4 billion to $7 billion per year since 1988, for a total of $110 billion of public and private money but they wail loudly if an oil company pays for a detractors Business Class airfare and a Motel Six night to make a well-reasoned, documented argument.

    I here give citations and calculations to the degree they may be easily understood. I give a link to my collection of papers and documents on my side at http://globalwarmingnotes.i8.com How much more straight-forward and objective can I be?

    You will kick me off here soon. I can see it coming. For some reason you do not want the truth. Well, pay your new taxes, ride your donkeys and eat rats as that is the world you seek for no reason. Man cannot change climate and Svante Arrhenius proved it in the late 19th century in a paper that once appeared on the NASA website “On the Shoulders of Giants.” They still have the work of John Tyndall there, but inverted the IR absorption graph to make it look like CO2 is a better absorber than H2O, but if you are sharp enough to see that the data is in the wrong quadrant you will figure it out.

    Good luck, Adrian Vance

    • Because I disagree with you (as do many others) does not mean that I do not want the truth; after all, a man who is right is in a majority of one. You omit to mention Arrhenius’ “the Influence of Carbonic Acid Upon the Air Temperature of the ground (1895) or Fourier’s work? Or have they recanted recently?


  2. I am not sure of the title of the Arrhenius paper as I have not seen it in a long time since it was removed from the NASA site, “On The Shoulders of Giants.” I have written to them several times asking that it be returned, but all my notes have been ignored.

    I am not familiar with Fourier and would like to see it as I am sure it will bear me out. My own paper, which is on my website has been reviewed by Dr. S. Fred Singer, 30 years Director of the US Weather Bureau and 30 more Chair of the Department of Environmental Studies, University of Virginia. Dr. Robert Essenhigh, Chair Emeritus, Department of Climate Science, University of Ohio, Dr. William M. Gray, University of Colorado, aka “Dr. Hurricane.” and Dr. Jay Lehr, well-known physics prof and presenter. All have endorsed it, none have criticized the analysis, etc.

    The point of what I am saying is that CO2 is a trace gas, by definition insignificant. It is a poor absorber of IR from sunlight compared to water vapor which has 200 times as many molecules for 1400 times the effect, but carbon is common to all fuels, the taxing of which will yield enormous political/economic power. It is just that simple.

    We have seen science corrupted in the demonizing of DDT and 100 million people have died as a result. We may see a similar outcome from the demonizing of Freon(tm) when it was replaced by a flammable substitute, but this time it will be better off people who have refrigerators dying in the night of carbon monoxide poisoning and fire. This is the “green” path.

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