Australia – doing the right thing for the wrong reason

When I last looked Australia was in per capita terms the most carbon dioxide polluting nation in the world. Its energy is heavily dependent upon coal, which it burns to generate the electricity it uses in great quantities, especially for its air conditioning.  The Australian Government proposed to reduce its emissions with their own version of an emissions trading scheme in the face of opposition politically, it has decided to withdraw any attempt to trade emissions for three years.

The political opposition in Australia is led by a leader, Tony Abbott, who does not believe that humans are changing the climate and is fighting any Emissions Trading tooth and nail. Mr Abbott also rather curiously claims that “dodgy” home insulation has caused home fires, which is an argument I have never heard advanced anywhere in the world.

It strikes me that the Australians have reached the right decision about emissions trading but for the wrong reason. Emissions trading is a way of trying to influence behaviour indirectly; it sets up complex bureaucracy with so benefit that is proportional to the cost involved. It is a very poor way of trying to reduce emissions.

It seems that in Australia the public are not supporting plans to curb emissions as much as they used to. There are probably two factors. First, the economic recession frightens people from wanting to improve the future by displacing that desire with a wish to improve the present. Secondly, the events at Copenhagen in December have show negative leadership; the leaders of the developed nations and most important developing nations cannot agree a simple package of climate change measures, why should anyone listen to them when they argue that climate change is a threat?

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  1. Carbon dioxide is not a “pollutant.” It is an important, rare component of the atmosphere that all green plants, the base of our food pyramid, must have.

    Plants use 70% of all water capturing carbon that is 44% of their mass as it is more soluble in water than any gas in air.

    Our 35% increase in CO2 has been a boon to the biome and agriculture increasing orange harvests 30% in a well-documented study at Florida U. and almost certainly increasing corn and wheat harvests similarly, but such studies have not been done as science is poisoned by politicians pushing new taxes with panic power politics and the ever-popular liberal idea that Satan is a white man.

    According to Le Chatelier an increase in CO2 should reduce the capacity of air to carry water vapor, which is responsible for 99.9% of all atmospheric heating, and reduce air temperature. This is exactly what happened from 1930 to 1970 with gearing up for and fighting World War II. And it fits well with the last ten year weather records.

    These facts are verifiable, simple and teachable, but instead students are told oil companies are out to destroy the world and many of you believe it. If you do not learn the verifiable truth the world will be in a decline that will kill billions of people in slow, lingering starvation.

    Ignorance is the most expensive and dangerous quality you can have.

    • Please, it is all about the quantity, not the physical or chemical characteristics. A weed is an unwanted plant, and a pollutant is an unwanted substances in a place where it is not wanted.

  2. As we as a species get larger in numbers we will need more food, as you say the more Co2 there is the better plants grow, as they did in the medievel warming period, where corn was being grown on Greenland.

    The vallies in the higher once planted highlands are now devoid of snow and glaciers and are now greener once again in the summer months, we will eventually venture there again on the fertile volcanic and glacial soils.

    To alleviate our immediate carbon problem we must start taking back from the too big too fails and help ourselves for our whole in the form of muscle, skill and determination. Not to steal anothers fortune like the banks are doing right now, but doing the things we need and see fit for our long term futures. That future is in our immediste community not from a far off entity working for nothing.

    Staying in the curent system will only lead to further heartache for the majority, where war replaces crash and round again, next time around we need to get ready to fly.

    There is a saying which goes, None are more enslaved than those who falsely beleive they are free, where every breath is a painfull one and set to become very expensive indeed if we use too much of it, all this gassing is creating the growth of our future sustinance.

  3. There is no CO2 problem other than their not being enough for the green plants. Man can abide up to 15,000 ppm and we are now at 380. It is not a pollutant or toxic.

    At 1,000 CO2 ppm agriculture would thrive, but the planet would be cooler as increased CO2 drives water vapor, a far better “greenhouse gas” out and renders air a poorer absorber of IR. That is what happened between 1930 and 1970. The current rise is due to increased sun output, which turned down about ten years ago, hence our recent cooling decade.

    I do not know why so many people have difficulty with these facts as they are in the older textbooks and still in the references, but modern science has become dependent on the elected class taking more money for their grants so they sold out, witness James Hansen, Stephen Schneider, Phil Jones and the rest.

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