Goldman Sachs – your dedicated financial advisor

The world is slowly beginning to understand that if you allow a key industry or service to be controlled by a handful of enterprises, they will compete against the public interest rather than compete against each other. In the United Kingdom there are a handful of energy companies selling precisely the same products at virtually the same prices. The differences between them do not make a market.

In the investment sector there are a handful of banks competing not against each other, but as far as I can see, competing against the public interest. Let us take the case of Goldman Sachs, probably the most successful financial institution in the world if you measure success by the profits that the enterprise makes in relation to the investment it undertakes.

I have always considered investment bankers as speculators; I have found it hard to distinguish between their activities and those of gamblers. Perhaps I am wrong or misunderstand them.

Goldman Sachs has been accused by the Securities and Exchange Commission of defrauding American Investors. That charming institution, Goldman Sachs marketed a sub-prime mortgage investment (nothing wrong with that, except morally) without, say the SEC, disclosing that a very large Hedge Fund, Paulson had in effect designed the contents of the investment and bet heavily that it would fail. Goldman Sachs denies the accusation in law and in fact. Paulson is not accused of any legal wrong doing (morality is apparently irrelevant in these matters. In the United Kingdom the Financial Services Authority has started an investigation into this matter, which is a bit like locking the stable door after the horse has bolted.

If Goldman Sachs did what the SEC accuses them of doing then things are pretty clear. They should have disclosed that Paulson – a highly significant player in this part of the casino, had betted against the fund that Goldman Sachs were marketing – then I guess no one would have bought it. But the fund was sold and Goldman made a profit on its marketing and who knows may have also made a profit when the fund declined to zero, just as Paulson predicted. This remains to be established.

Goldman Sachs, you might recall, have a reputation for financial brilliance. The New York Times has already revealed that Goldman Sachs advised Greece to disguise some of its debt while recommending to its clients to use credit default swaps to bet against countries like Greece being able to repay its sovereign debt.

The last thing I would want to do is to accuse a company of wrong doing, however much smoke there is in the distance. Such accusations are left to the prosecution authorities after proper examination and the final judgment is that of the courts.

But these affairs do have an unpleasant aura around them, a smell and an ugly appearance. Institutions like Goldman Sachs are the very institutions that have impoverished ordinary people following the bank bailout, particularly in the United Kingdom where the bailed out banks are still many years from recovering. I wonder how much business the United Kingdom Governmetn has done with that charming institution, Goldman Sachs, and how much of my taxpayers’ moneyhas been given to them.

Meantime the other massive US investment bank, J P Morgan, has posted this week a 54%  growth in profits, to $3.3 billion. Marvellous. Tony Blair must have given some brilliant advice to them. I wonder what it was.

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  1. What is happening? Surely you are going to hear all kinds of explanations from all kinds of people. Their explanations will be generated from various perspectives, depending on how people sort their information and depending on their concept of reality. It is what we think is real that has a lot to do with how we formulate our understandings. The irony here is that none of us know what is real but some of us are closer to the mark than others. You’ll have to be the judge of who that is and in time, things will play out and you can compare events to what you’ve been told.

    My position on everything is based on my belief that we are living in special times and the usual rules do not apply. My position is based on my belief that this is The Apocalypse and it is manifesting in multiple ways between Nature, human affairs and the approach of the divine in the form of the coming Avatar. This energy that I am calling The Avatar could be understood in purely scientific terms, if one had that ability. Ultimately the divine is a matter of pure mathematics; not the most romantic way to see it, so we personalize the energy and give it a human aspect. .

    What are we to make of the target being painted on the back of Goldman Sachs? Is there a more hated entity in the business world than Goldman Sachs, Hardly. They are the scum de la scum of that area of human endeavor which is all about screwing everyone for the purpose of self-enrichment. You might call them the Catholic Church of business firms. What I mean by this is that they are the biggest in their field, as is the Catholic Church which is undergoing its own scrutiny today that is shaking its very foundations.

    Let’s move along to the state of Israel or more appropriately named Magogke Nation. Is there any other nation anywhere else on Earth behaving more badly that this crime syndicate posing as a country, probably not, Is there any country that has exposed its bad behavior and intentions more than this country,probably not…The irony here is that the power that controls that country controls most of the world media and yet… and yet… the news of their mendacious antics is reaching everywhere. Certainly they did not plan on this.

    They gained control of the media with funny money for this very purpose of concealing and spinning their acts and… it isn’t working. An interesting fact is that the more they are exposed, the worse they behave. This isn’t rational

    One of the features of The Apocalypse is that it amplifies the madness and sanity in the minds of everyone living in these times.

    Now is a good time to employ your objective reasoning and use it like a vehicle to move back and further back until you can use your wide angle lens. Look at all of these seemingly unrelated conditions and events. Now, how you arrange this in your minds, how you label and sort it all is dependent on what I mentioned in the first paragraph. How I see it is explained in the second paragraph.

    Another thing that is happening right now is that one’s sensation of being is undergoing severe transformations and transitions and that is going to increase. There is a large body of people on this planet, at this time, that lack the sensitivity to register this but… in a fairly short period of time, they too are going to become aware that something really weird is happening. Hopefully, by that time, those of us who are really feeling the impact of it at the moment will have managed to integrate into a higher awareness and have some sense of harmony as a result.

    We’ve mentioned here many times that evil destroys itself. That’s in the process at this very moment and that is why, behind the scenes, they are all looking to cut deals while betraying one another at every opportunity. You’re seeing the result of this in the things you are hearing about each day. You are not seeing the events taking place behind the scenes that are generating them but… each of us possesses some degree of intuition; depending on how often we have exercised and depended upon it. This determines our level of access to it. One can intuit a good deal concerning external events by utilizing the intuition. One can also learn something important by deconstructing the word and seeking a more complete understanding of its meaning.

    Someone once told me that, “everything is under control”. A nunber of things over the course of one afternoon and in the years that have passed I have seen the power of this individual as it operates in my life at different times.

    What I consider the key to understanding these times is somewhat concealed in the phrase, “everything is under control”. One of the meanings that I take from that is that everything everyone is doing is under some form of control depending on what they are doing. No matter what anyone thinks they are doing or what they intend to realize from their actions, everything is under control from a location other than themselves, while still being a part of themselves. They are being guided, led and directed to a specific end that is determined by quality of their actions. Various people think that they are in control of what they are doing but they are not. It is their presumption that they are in control that is inexorably leading to theirs and everyone elses downfall.

    This is an ageless morality play and it has been going on since human life has been operational. It has always been under control and it is precise and perfect all along the way. As I have said, some part of the cosmic justice in existence takes place out of sight and just because we can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

    In the time of The Apocalypse conditions change. Things happen in front of your eyes for a specific purpose and that is explained in the meaning of the term, ‘apocalypse’. Most people don’t want to accept this but that has no impact on the reality of it. It continues irrespective of whether you believe in it or not. It’s better to come to terms with it and align with it than to use your disbelief as a defense against it.

    The people and nations we are already aware of, that are operating according to their particular brand of insanity, are now going to find that their madness is ratcheting up. It will seem to them that it is a greater determination and sense of purpose. What it is is insanity amplified. The weather forecast calls for all kinds of outbreaks of madness in concert with natural phenomena behaving unnaturally. Actually it’s all perfectly natural.

    Everyone has the opportunity to catch on to what is taking place, according to their abilities and desire to understand. Some are just going to turn up the volume on the television in the hope that it will drown out the voices in their heads, or focus on all sorts of distracting fascinations in the belief that what is happening will just pass them by. It is kind of like an animal burrowing into the Earth to escape the threat of danger above. Everyone is going to be awakened to some degree, willingly or unwillingly.

    What you are seeing in front of you are the opening acts for the transformation of the world. This logically involves your own transformation as well. There’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, so one is best served by standing in the light and embracing it. Otherwise the light is going to shine upon you and everything else soon enough… possibly in a less flattering way. That’s just how it is.

  2. Hi there! This article could not be written much better! Looking through this article reminds me of my previous roommate!
    He always kept talking about this. I will forward this post to him.
    Fairly certain he’ll have a great read. Many thanks for sharing!

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