Genersys response to the proposed Renewable Heat Incentive

The Response of Genersys plc to the Renewable Heat Incentive Consultation


Robert Kyriakides, Chief Executive of Genersys plc and author of “the Energy Age”.

About Genersys

Genersys is the United Kingdom’s largest supplier of flat plate solar thermal collectors. It has associated businesses in Germany and a factory in Slovakia (which undertakes the European market) as well as businesses in México, Chile, South Korea, the United States of America, South Africa and a distributorship from a Greek thermal solar flat plate panel manufacturer, DIMAS SA. The European and Eastern market is served under the ThermoSolar brand. The combined production of the factories with which Genersys has exclusive distributorships in many places in 2009 was significantly more than a million square metres of solar thermal panels.

This Consultation

If the expense and energy generated by consultations, legislation, discussion and reviews and advisory boards could have been diverted into real measures, the problem of climate change and energy security would be well on its way to being solved. However, I fear that this response will be ignored and the time and effort that I have put into it will be completely wasted. Continue reading