Enforcing the law – or ignoring it, depends on whether you are the Government

The Association for the Conservation of Energy together with “Unlock Democracy” have prepared a report which I find rather disturbing. It shows in clear and unequivocal terms just how the Government has ignored the very laws it passed to alleviate fuel poverty and to improve the domestic efficiency in homes.

You may find it rather astonishing that a Government goes to the trouble of passing laws and the simply ignores them and refuses to enforce them. If you have found yourself running foul of any of the 3600 new criminal offences that the Government has created in the past thirteen years you will find meticulous and unnecessary enforcement of them by all kinds of people. If you now enter the United Kingdom with a British Passport and you live in Britain the Immigration officers can ask you where you have been; it is none of their business and I cannot see how it can help them in their duty, which is to ensure that only bona fide people can come into the country. I cannot see how the fact that I might have been on business in Germany or on holiday in France will help them. Nevertheless the law says that I must answer their question and do so without sarcasm which they will regard as “verbal assault. Complete nonsense.

However laws just do not apply to the Government.

Mr Blair famously used a bus lane when he was in a hurry to get from the airport – the bus lane did not apply to Mr Blair. Now we find that laws enacted to help poor people keep warm or save energy and emissions only apply if the Government want them to apply. It is a not a new definition of a law – Messrs Hitler and Stalin both enacted laws against murder which they ignored.

The most worrying thing is the principle of this behaviour. The Climate Change Act has been hailed as “world leading” innovative and the like, but it operates on exactly the same principle that the laws that the Association for the Conservation of Energy and Unlock Democracy refer to in their report.

You might, like me, be drawn to the conclusion that these laws were never enacted to be enforced, but for good propaganda, just perhaps like the Climate Change Act.

You can read the report, called “Lost in Translation” at http://www.ukace.org/publications/Lost%20in%20Translation

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  1. What we are seeing taking place is a system in an ever downwards spiral where office workers and manager are on their gaurd the whole working day, machine guns are the norm everywhere today just like any dictatorship who runs a people with an ever increasing hidden yet visible iron hand.

    I have seen East Berlin in the very early 80’s and it was not a pretty sight, we are not there yet but I think we are headed that way if we are to be ruled by a foreign hand.

    If you get the chance to see any up to date maps made in Europe there is devoid the words England upon them, what’s all this about, we are not yet fuly implemented into the European system, yet we are devoid of an individuality on paper.

    There are now many foreign police officers on the streets of Britain who are now causing a few upsetts in their questioning techniques as if they were on the streets of Beijing.

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