Gordon Brown’s error – being directed by the bankers

It is refreshing and admirable when a politician admits to making a mistake, because politicians spend so much of their time professing their infallibility. Of course, as soon as one admits to a mistake his or her political enemies and commentators circle around like sharks smelling blood.  Gordon Brown has admitted what he regards as a single small error. I get the feeling that he admitted it to demonstrate that he is after all human.

He now admits that as Chancellor of the Exchequer he listened to the banks that asked for less regulation and in truth should have been regulating them more carefully. He had learnt from this experience that he should have put the public interest first.

Mr Brown, I am glad for your admission, but you must appreciate that we do not elect you to learn; your employer, the people of the United Kingdom, do not pay you to go to university, but pay you because you have, so you claim, skills to meet their needs. The only justification for you or any politician to hold jurisdiction over the people and create laws that bind the people is that you must look after the interests of the people, not the interests of the bankers. You have allowed yourself to be directed by the wealthy

Plato (who unlike Mr Brown was not a Scotsman) said “if directed by ignorance, wealth is a greater evil than poverty, because it can push things more strongly in the wrong direction.”

Plato was right; the wealthy bankers have pushed things strongly in the wrong direction. It ended up with the bankers losing our savings (the government securing our savings is only in truth us giving our savings back to ourselves) but only after they had secured a reasonable chunk for themselves.

Mr Brown may have at least learnt the wisdom of Plato’s words, but unfortunately it has been a costly lesson – costly to most people, but not of course to Mr Brown, whose future is safe, regardless of who wins the election.

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  1. Here is a song and message to all of the worlds ellite, who see our lives throught the eyes of their professions, times are changing very fast and the worst is yet to come… If we become a one world anything, plato would dissagree I’m sure Herodotus would be beside himself and Gordon brown and the rest of the crew must go, and be replaced by a whole new entity for the people by the people, in house and all for one, instead of one for a bankers with a capital W, all, otherwise the powers at large will procrasternate and never reciprocate until we are in another fine mess Stanley.


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