Sophistry in action

If you are interested in what the leaders of the nations said about climate change at the failed Copenhagen conference you can see all the speeches at

You can click on a country and see what the leader had to say about the importance of climate change, all alphabetically arranged from Afghanistan to Zambia. It is depressing to listen to these important people all sounding off about how important climate change is and how essential it is for us to do something about it, now, months after the conference ended in failure, abject failure.

If you like to hear a fine example of sophistry (in the modern meaning of the word) practised by many of the world’s leaders just click on the link. Remember while you listen to these fine words that no developed nation was prepared to save the planet, unless every other developed nation agreed.

It leaves me baffled and sad. This is not leadership, just leaders practising their acting skills on the biggest stage in the world.

One Response

  1. More reasons to be cheerful here, must we lead by example or protect the bad science, and what of the future ignorance to the global picture and our children because of it all.

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