What should be cut?

There has been a great deal of political argument in the United Kingdom about budget cuts. The voters know that the Government is spending much more than it can afford. Voters suspect that the Government has been spending much more than we can afford for years now, relying on economic growth (which is not always desirable and is seldom guaranteed) and inflation to make the excess spending affordable.

But no matter how you dress up the figures Mr Micawber’s mantra to the effect that happiness involves spending less than you earn, has been ignored in favour of a different mantra  of that Dickensian gentleman – that something will turn up. Nothing ahs in fact turned up except a very real prospect of debt interest payments overwhelming our economy and that the people of these islands will spend the next ten years toiling to repay usurious interest charges to the bankers because our credit has been shot to pieces.

Nothing would be more ironically distasteful; the economic mess was created by the government who were the “mark” of the confidence men of banking. The government then has to repay these confidence men with the sweat labour and hard work of millions of ordinary people, whose only sin was to vote for the government.

Did we get what we deserved? No matter. There will have to be cuts and here are my suggestions for cuts. None of these will be actually mooted by the politicians because so to do would be political suicide; they would be accused of not caring or abandoning things that matter but you can only buy in a shop what you can afford and not what you want:-

  1. Wars: we need to pull out of Afghanistan and Iraq and save the cost of these wars. These wars are not doing us any good, despite what the politicians say and we are too impoverished to fight them.
  2. Trident, aircraft carriers and other big defence spending should go
  3. ID cards (that is an easy one) and all these complex computer databases should also go
  4. Welfare benefits must be reduced – I suggest by 20%
  5. Sickness benefits must be greatly reduced- I suggest by 20%
  6. Public sector pensions for those entitled to more than the average wage as a pension should be reduced and all indexing linking of them must end
  7. The National Health Service Budget has got to be cut probably by 20%

At the same time taxes must increase – probably the easiest way to do this is to increase VAT to 18.5%. Higher rate income tax should kick in at a lower level.

These cuts, if adopted by any political party, would be political suicide right now, because people still hope that there is a way to quickly grow and recover the economy. Stop thinking that. It will not happen. Also I am unconvinced by arguments that to cut too deep now will damage the economy and prevent growth.

If we do not make cuts of this order now, the cuts that we will have to make later will be far worse. If these cuts look bad to you think how bad it would be if the cuts were doubled!

2 Responses

  1. Robert I agree with you in all from 1 – 6 and I would add a few more of my own, firstly, the whole system needs turning on its head.

    7 need further investigation, again internal infastructure is the problem and getting in the way of actually doing the job, I was an army medic for many years and no better hospitals and theatre did I work, the very many mistakes here are caused mainly by too many cheifs and not enough indians, the common old tried and tested aceptic technique has been devoid for too long, basic cleanlyness has been neglected for managers doing jobs which they have never done from the ground up, a line of command which sets them on the path of good cure, these tiny mistakes are causing most of the new bugs that occur because of lax rulings on the hospital floor, literally.

    Lets get rid of all the horses that have had their noses in the trough between meals, we simply cannot deffend bad policy making and encourage more of it by doing so, this is a must chore or it willonly escallate.

    The main problem lies in the office worker and managerial mentality, all protecting their jobs by inventing more jobs for their own union boys, from local council all the way to main government, a mere 650 main instigators have quadruple that in tow, when they could do most of the work themselves, they are bloody lazy and many have vested interests where they shouldn’t be moonlighting, a sackable offence when I first started searving my time as an apprentice, this is simply not cricket and must go today.

    Many use internal legislation with which to survive in their own businesses, or you could call it stealing from the state on paper rulings, if they cannot compete in the markets on their own they should not be too big/god like to fail and should go down with the ship they are pulling the plug out of and headed to parts forein with our jobs.

    The pyramid is the wrong way up, and is about to topple over and scatter our well being all over the place, its not cut backs we need its cut outs for all parties with a similar work plan for their gain and our pain.

    Back to basics for the whole system and chuck out the chintz today for our tomorrows, if we don’t do this soon many more heads will roll in anger in the future.

    • Perhaps we also need more people doing real work and fewer sponging off those that do work. I do get depressed when i hear of people who have never worked but seem to enjoy as good a lifestyle as those that have worked all their lives. We should help the less fortunate, but we need to ensure that we are genuinely helping the less fortunate, rather than the lazy.

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