The leading investor in renewables is – China

According to some recent analysis by Pew Charitable Trusts in dollar terms China is by far the leading investor in renewable energy, spending more than double than the United States and more than three times than the United Kingdom. China is also making more wind turbines and more photovoltaic cells than any other country so when you factor in installation costs (often far more than the costs of the equipment itself) so with its significantly cheaper labour costs China, terms of renewable energy investment, is probably getting more energy per dollar invested.

Much of the United Kingdom and United States investment in renewable is in the form of wind turbines. Here these countries are finding the turbines are not quite providing the energy that they expected. Most other development nations are investing in wind turbines but not all; the German experience with turbines has not been completely happy and along with Italy and Spain solar technologies are the source of more investment by these nations than wind.

The bad news is that China’s use of coal sourced energy is still increasing year on year and China seeks to provide energy for its manufacturing industries and for its own people, both of which are using it in ever increasing quantities.

Much of China’s coal is highly polluting as well as emission creating. I have already written about the Asian Brown Cloud, which is made up of the soot and smog emitted by (amongst other things) Chinese coal buring power stations. At least the wind turbines will not add to the Asian Brown Cloud and will provide China with some clean energy, even though the dirty energy use increases and with it the emissions and pollution.

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