Spring is late this year

Spring is late this year in London. The trees are in bud but this time last year many of them were in leaf. The hard cold winter, well suited to the hard cold economic environment, has delayed the plants from showing themselves.

We have had some warming sunny days, which after the long cold darkness is welcome. Even a late Spring is better than no spring at all.there are no insects yet and few songbirds. Even the quality of daylight seems different to me, but that is down to my aging eyes.

It is easy, as you get older, to believe that things were always better years ago and that if should, if we could return to that golden age of our youth. That is not so; the seasons are constant; they may lengthen or forshorten, but now as more light falls on the British isles because the equinox has passed,  we will get warmer and that warmth of light, ordinary daylight will drive n the trees into leaf and the animals out of their winter hibernation.

But this seasonal change is happening against a background of climate change; as our climate changes some anmals will not survive, or will survive in fewer numbers and with great dificulty, like the bees. Fewer plants will be pollinated and nature will change, subtly at first and then in ways that will affect our own propserity and survival. We must try to stop the climate from changing, but that should not stop us from enjoying the Spring.

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  1. I first started recording and studying the English flora some 28 years ago and can say nothing has really changed, on the higher ground spring always comes later, in upper Teesdales harsher climate she always gives a good show of Spring Gentian and Mountain Everlasting, no matter what is happening on the lower ground some 700 meters below, Daffodils ar still in full bloom in June.

    From the late 70’s in my own golden era, I have witnessed and have still vivid memories of the seasons where we have had seasons of both plenty and drought which have shown themselves to me in the 30 years that I had been writing my book about Mardale village high in the Westmoreland hills 725 feet above sea level.


    Where drought followed flood since my first visit in 1973 when the village first showed itself since 1940 when the sluice was closed for the first time, and since 1994 it has never shown itself again the reservoir being always full once again, due to the longer wetter winters over the last decade or more.

    For the last 25 years of manual recording I can safely say the weather has been slowly cooling in my area, warmer dryer winters have been replace by wetter colder weather.

    Looking outside this morning the pussy willow is in flower, the garden daffodils are fully open and the celandines are bathing their shiny yellow heads in the sunlight, and looking through our diary from last year we are only 10 days behind.

    The gooseanders have returned to the river three days later than last year and all the birds are now defending their territories, our resident blue tits are going in and out of their nesting box and blasting out their zone.

    I have noticed a change in the climate which mimics the golden days, longer cooler/wetter winters and warmer shorter summer, we are returning to the ideal growing weather that my father used to like when he was a boy some 70 years ago.

    Other areas of the world are changing too, and a detailed memory of which could be gained by the students of life with such personal knowledge.

    Areas of deforestation and palm plantaions have been changed beyond recognition, millions of acres of mangrove have been destroyed thus changing costal defences and flooding will now occur more regulary, so climates have been changed, physical evidence is plain to see caused by us directly, not inderct violence caused by Co2, of which there is still no real scientific evindence.

    A warmer climate for many will be beneficial for alternative energies and plant growth and detrimental for others, land that was once covered in glacier are now greener vallies once again like vast areas of the Andes, and humans will learn to cope like our ancient peoples like those in the planted highlands of old, where water was captured and saved for the higher drier regions of Lebanon and Syria by the gods of old.

    Archeological evidence prooves these scenarios did happen where people moved with the weather and overall climates, we will survive no matter what happens, maybe we will be growing wheat and grains on Greenland once again, like the Vikings did in their medieval warm period, each period of history will come to pass once again, the evidence on the ground remains to be seen as it was like over the last 10,000 years of recorded history.

    There are wonderfull smells emminating fro the domestic assistants workshop, so I will cease procrasternating and go to investigate, have a nice day.

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