Don’t worry about extreme weather, says the Treasury, as well as the Advertising Standards Authority

After the Advertising Standards Agency has ruled in their wisdom that the Government exaggerated the threat of climate change, the Government are at it again, or at least the House of Commons Audit Environmental Committee is. If you apply the ratio decidendi (as the lawyers used to say – which simply means the rationale for the decision) of the Advertising Standards Authority to the Environmental Audit Committee, then the Environmental Audit Committee (as well as the Royal Society) are exaggerating climate change threats by calling for much more government spending on making homes and buildings And infrastructure projects more resilient to flooding and excessive heat.

Apparently the Treasury have yet to be persuaded of the need for the extra spending, just like the Advertising Standards Authority. No need apparently to upgrade the Thames Barrier, or require betters or build roads to higher specifications. O dear!

If the Treasury and the Advertising Standards Authority put their heads in the sand we will all suffer, and we cannot allow this.

My solution is simple; we should carry out the making of buildings and infrastructure more resilient to flooding and the extremes that will be created by climate change except those buildings and infrastructures used by the Treasury, the Advertising Standards Authority and their staff.

That way they can, if and when the extreme weather comes pay the price for their failure to ignore the warnings, instead of foisting the cost on all of us. Of course if extreme weather does not some they will have the satisfaction of telling all those scientists and thinkers “I told you so” – just like I now have the dubious satisfaction of being able to tell the Treasury “I told you so” about their failure to curb gambling by banks … but that is another story.

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  1. The longer we fail to recognise our rightfull place within nature we will simply carry on destroying it and sucking what life blood there is left in her sphere today.

    All the banks in all of this world will not save themselves either, what they do to our well being via the stealing of commodities and gathering others substances, is all they know, they don’t do fair and good only work anothers gain and steal anothers fortune, we will soon have to make very wise decissions quite soon or we will take everything and everyone to pieces for pennies on the pound.

    Until the bakners with a capital B have all the gold all the silver and all their FIAT, we will be in far worse shape than ever before, only then are they going to open the bubble blower for us to start blowing into the hoop once more, its a perpetual motion with a nought at the very end 000000000.

    We will of course eventually recover but the ever dwindling resorces cannot, when those start to get rarer we will start declining rather fast, and the Jury is out on that one because vested intrest has priority over common base and popular instead of common scense.

    Constant resolution with what belongs to us all will result in nough for 90% while the remaining 10% have to make doo.

    Mother nature will have the last roll call, where we will see one man holding the biggest and last bag of gold and an empty belly, sitting at the table of plenty.

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