Governments wasting money

Governments waste money. If they wasted their own money no one would be too bothered, but Governments have no money of their own. They collect money from the likes of us. We usually give them money that we have earned with our labour. Governments claim (and this is a particular claim of most recent governments) that it is unpatriotic to avoid paying your taxes because someone who does this deprives money from being spent on the common good. They make an awful fuss about non domiciled people being made part of the legislature in the House of Lords where some of these people do not pay the same taxes as we do, because they take advantage of their non domiciled status. Tens of millions of pounds might otherwise be collect but according to the United Kingdom’s National Audit Office the UK Government has virtually wasted £780 million in reorganising government departments in the past four years; most other developed countries have kept the same departs in place for dozens of years, without the need to reorganise them.

These reorganisations inevitably cost in new designs, logos and stationery as well as new web sites. However these headline costs are just the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to additional costs. The employees of these departments must find the constant change unsettling; most people do not join the civil service because they enjoy a topsy-turvey life, yet the Government seems intent upon providing such a life for their civil servants.

In recent years there have been many reorganisations; the only one that I have thought necessary is the formation of the Department of Energy and Climate Change; this is a logical mix of work, and energy and climate change are far more important to the UK as a nation than most other departments. I do not think that the Home Office has become more efficient by dividing itself into two ministries, one of which is called (rather threateningly to English ears) the Ministry of Justice.

You see the full list of Government Departments at . Some of them seem to have been formed or reformed to give people like Peter Mandelson or Jack Straw a job, which is a way of keeping them inside the tent urinating in an outward direction. I find other departments puzzling; we have devolved administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland but each of those places has a ministerial department. England, which has no devolved administration and therefore might need a ministerial department, has none.

I understand that Governments are elected to change things but the changes should be useful, meaningful and substantial. In the United Kingdom we appear to have perfected the making of changes in form at vast expense with making any changes in substance. If things need changing then this is the worst of all possible worlds and a waste of money. If things do not need changing then changing them is “merely” a waste of money.

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  1. Unfortunately that is what Labour do, WASTE MONEY, I persoanlly do not know how they got back in from the last election, I believe it is down to the public been naive about politics, they do not fully look into what these political parties offer, most of the population are led by the media and will simply vote for whoever is flavour of the month with the media at the time of an election

  2. A fixed rate next day economy is where the problem lies, a means tested efficiency rule should be the norm, where one is rewarded for saving money not wasting it, local councils are some of the biggest culprits, they must be seen to be wasting all of the previous tax year budget or they will loose the amount they don’t spend from next years budget, its the same rule right across the civil board of control, sheer wasters.

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  4. Great article. I am going through some of these issues as well.

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