Does Mr Darling live in the real world?

I sometimes wonder what planet Mr Alistair Darling, Chancellor of the Exchequer, lives on. He is surrounded by advisors, insulated from the real world. If he meets industrialists or business people, they will be the people who run massive conglomerates, who have their own agenda. He went to Lorreto School, nothing wrong with that, but a small elite boarding school hardly is real world living, for most of us. If Mr Brown’s jibe about Tory economic policy being thought up on the playing fields of Eton has a kernel of truth, then how much truer is the fact that Labour economic policy is connected to the playing fields of Loretto.

On 30th December Mr Darling wrote in the Guardian newspaper that his government action meant that half a million “green jobs” would be created around the clean energy sector. He claims that by “addressing investment barriers” he has released “billions of pounds” and that green industries could support another half a million jobs over the next decade. This is pure fantasy.

The barriers to investment in clean green energy are those created by the mindset of the Government which constantly favours dirty fossil fuel energy over that of renewables, and for that mindset Mr Darling must take much of the blame.

I came across his article in the Guardian came when I was reading a report that I had commissioned as to whether it would be cost effective to establish a solar panel factory in the United Kingdom for the United Kingdom, jointly with ThermoSolar, our associated company. The report was undertaken by a leading firm of accountants.

I knew that at a particular level it would be cost effective to manufacture in the United Kingdom, as an additional facility to our factory at Ziar in Slovakia but I did not know at what level, so i commissioned the study to advise the level at which Genersys’s United Kingdom business could support its own factory.

We looked at two areas for the factory, South Wales and the North East, where there are good incentives. The report advised that we would need to sell at least ten times as many solar panels as we now sell in the United Kingdom, just for the factory to break even.

Such a factory would only provide at the most fifty jobs, but the installation jobs that would be provided by people installing ten times as many Genersys panels would be well over a thousand jobs. Genersys is probably the largest supplier of thermal solar panels in the United Kingdom, so increasing its business tenfold is not going happen under the present “support” that the Government alleges it provides for clean green industries.

Solar thermal installation is by far the most popular microgeneration of energy system in the United Kingdom (as well as in the rest of the world) so it makes you wonder where Mr Darling’s green jobs will come from, if solar thermal is not encouraged or incentivised.

Certainly new jobs will not come from the wind turbine industry; Vesta had to close its factory in the Isle of Wight recently, simply because there was insufficient United Kingdom demand. Today the United Kingdom buys its turbines from abroad (mainly Denmark) with other turbine kit coming from Germany and the USA.

Mr Darling seems to live in a fantasy world. His original Phase 2 Low Carbon Building Programme (when Mr Darling was at the Department of Trade) caused great damage to the genuine solar thermal industry in this country, and the industry has not yet recovered from the damage done.

Apparently devising a new feed in tariff for solar thermal will have to wait for another eighteen months even though the design of such a tariff should be simplicity itself. These tariffs were permitted by the Energy Act which received the Royal Assent on 13th November 2008.

The Government for some inexplicable reason decided that it was only smart enough to design one feed in tariff at a time, so it concentrated on designing a feed in tariff for electricity, rather than for renewable heat. Even then it was not smart enough to design a feed in tariff promptly and the people concerned with generating clean electricity are still waiting, fifteen months later, to know what the feed in tariff will be.

You can read the governmental position on feed in tariffs at:

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  1. I have been following our facts and actuals for many years now, and have witnessed first hand what my father as a farmer used to get for his produce and what he got for them before he retired, life is one big history lesson like many of my respoces here, which most of us seem to forget,

    I know how frustrating it must be to be in business today trying to compete with the Chinese/Rothschilds dream of chearper goods and slavery, to which they were infamous, but the misery of every person on the planet continues today when we buy into this illusion, take a look down on the end of ones legs to witness this fact.

    The average monthly wage in Slokakia is around £ 200,00 Sterling, yet the average Chinese migrant worker is much lower where a 12-14 hour day is common with only one day off a month and earns arouns £90,00 Sterling per month,
    only the very best skilled Chinese get £180.00 Sterling per month.

    A home grown evacuation has take place on such a huge scale with the director of the factories all chasing the money, vested intrests and greed has seen pay to all of the UK manufacturing base since the 100 year lease of the colony, with boom and bust ups during tha time, where more and more factories are taken off our list each time it happened,

    Once thos jobs have gone they will never return until we can compete with the former figures, or until we are a similar priced entity, we had better tighten out belts and get used to it, experts are saying it is yet to bottom out and could take a decade to turn around this time, this is why anyone who has any savings are leaving GB at the rate of 140 thousand every year to cheaper and sunnier climbs.

    The ODI and other leading think tanks have allowed this to happen to us without our knowledge, these are the idiots who advise our boys what school stunts and other stupid passtimes to visit, they are supposed to be working for us not against us, so why vote the bounders into power in the first place, below is a full list of septic tanks here in the UK, where a lot of your tax dolars are going to, all working for the common cause and definately not the real people on the streets of blightly, for those intrested in todays history you might want to do a search for, Common Cause and the Fabians, ever heard of the saying, Jobs for the boys, LOL.

    The Bank of England set up by Jesuit William Patterson back in 1697, he persuaded the British government to take on his sinking fund method of funding the national debt and is still a privately owned business, who have been printing money like it has been going out of fashion, inflation is flat bottomed out and we are never going to recover with anything we own today, we have been sinking since that day, as is the USA.

    If you want to find out who rules this country, look no further than the bankers and religion, both were made for each other and do a quick search for who is who today and who they belong to and you will be a tad wiser who to vote for next ellection, but remember they are all working for the same side.


    • Davy

      Wages are just one element in the equation. The most important thing is an automated production and highly educated trained work force which you will pay whatever the market rate is. I am not involved in an industry that uses cheap labour and exploits the labour force and wouldn’t be involved in one even though some famous brands (for example Cadbury) were built upon such exploitation.


  2. I understand what and where your comming from, I wasn’t pointing the finger at all, all your posts are very fair indeed.

    I was just pointing out the obvious throughtout the world in general, there are still people that do not genuinely know what is happening in business and how their actions effect others today, which is a real shame because most are really nice people in a cruel world.

    Do your suppliers let their workers have their own solar panel systems in Slovakia.

    • Cheers.

      All our people where ever they are can get a system at discounted rates. Per capital Slovakia has more solar systems than the UK. Per capital it also has fewer deaths from hypothermia – figure that one out.


  3. Robert

    I’m a supporter of innovative ideas and well being and have been a pro lifer most of my years, the systems in many of our European countries seems to be much more orientated round the family which is a good thing.

    Family and community is the very basis of all being, I relate to this with a real mix of European blood, Austrian, Italian, and English and a little drop of Irish.

    We should be truly ashamed here in the UK if a middle ranking country like Slovakia has more solar pannels than us, less deaths in a colder climb to boot, there is no more questions left to answer.

    We might all wake up one day, before its too late and spend our money and share what we have with the makers of things,


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