Let’s not waste money on PPE courses

It is human nature, personal human nature, to want to achieve something. Many think in terms of bettering themselves; many think of creating a better life for their children. Others want to achieve fame or financial success.

Whatever your dreams of achievement most that are fired with ambition (most but not all) will want to achieve through the ladder of education. The climb is still hard but it is made possible by education.

Now Mr Mandelson ( a gentleman who has more titles than is convenient to use) suggests that although the education budget must be cut (the Government has no money after all and every department must suffer cuts) we can make up the cuts by have some degrees take two years instead of three years.

Presumably the students would work harder as would the lecturers to squeeze three years learning and development into two years. It is suggested that some vocational courses, such as law, (which is a learned profession) could be squeezed into two years study.

I cannot believe that we will turn out better lawyers by cramming their studies into two years. Law needs rounded experience, not a quick burst of rote learning.

I am not so puzzled by Mr Mandelson’s proposal; after all it is only human nature that guides people who have climbed to the top of the very slippery pole of personal achievement with the help of a good strong ladder, to want to kick the ladder away once they are safely at the top.

Personally if we must make cuts then the way to make them is to abolish those easy and useless degrees beloved of politicians. Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) is such a degree, which I believe many of our politicians have studied before embarking on a career in politics.
The study of PPE is supposed to equip fine young minds with the ability to reason ethically, the knowledge of society’s structures and the way society acts and reacts in order to solve problems of society and the knowledge of how economics works.

If studying PPE actually equipped politicians with these talents and skills we would have a world without wars of aggression, where prosperity reigned, where there was no long deep recession. As the whole study of PPE clearly fails to do this, why not simply abolish it as a publically subsidised university course instead of suggesting that many degree courses should be shortened to two years?

Oh, by the way, Mr Mandelson studied PPE, which perhaps proves my point.

3 Responses

  1. Oi! Hands off Philosophy!

    I know I know everything, because I know nothing – Socrates.

    • I am very happy keeping philosophy as a three year degree course, but as for teaching it as part of PPE – why bother? It’s all these politicians reading philosophy which they then ignore that bugs me. Politicians are probably not clever enough to understand philosophy but “those who are too clever to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are more stupid.” (Plato)

  2. Haha, nice one ;

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