Why the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen Failed

Why did the climate change conference in Copenhagen fail? Mr Obama says that people are right to be disappointed with its outcome. Those folk who claimed that the conference, although not a resounding success, should be praised because it took a very important first step have been whistling in the wind.

In fact Mr Obama’s position has something of the whistle in the hurricane in it.

“Rather than see a complete collapse in Copenhagen, in which nothing at all got done and would have been a huge backward step, at least we kind of held ground and there wasn’t too much backsliding from where we were.”

If the issue of climate change wasn’t so important, Mr Obama’s comments would provide part of a good script for a classic farce, or a variation on Aesop’s fable in which the fox discovers, without tasting them, that the grapes were sour anyway.

The real reason why the climate change conference failed is that politicians, including Mr Obama, were more scared of economic failure than they are of climate failure. There is not point in blaming China for failing to reach agreement when we in the United Kingdom and the United States want and buy the very cheap goods that China makes. Look around your Christmas presents and paraphernalia; how much less we could afford if we could not buy this stuff from China.

I have never really understood those prophets of doom and gloom who argue that addressing climate change would put an end to our prosperity. If humans can “invest” billions in entertainment without it end prosperity, why should an equivalent investment in clean green energy (here I exclude biomass) bring on economic depression?

No, I am afraid to conclude that Mr Obama, along with all the others, are running scared on climate change. This is an issue where you must balance immediate needs with long term needs. When that happens we will be much closer to helping humanity live longer on this earth. At present our leaders are not balancing these competing needs, but surrendering our future for a mess of potage.

8 Responses

  1. Mr Obama should have thought hard and long before letting his countries staple industries being taken to China in the first place, it is widely known that he is not in charge of anything apart from his massive debt that he is letting get out of hands at his weapons based economy and franchise big bank backing.

    Anyone who is in business knows that the whole country would have been much better off if the banks were left to fail and that money had been put into main street instead of wall street, the people would have spent that money wisely and it would have turned the whole economy around in a few months.

    Th climate change bil and renewables would be booming by now and its all been wasted, totally wasted so a few happy rich can keep a hold of their Fiat based systems, its no good keeping all your eggs in one great big rotten basket if the bottom of the economy is going to fall out of it once those eggs go rotten.

    Get ready for the biggest crash in 2010 that you have ever seen, the papered over cracks with funny money are about to appear twice as wide as before, I say again be prepared.

  2. Silly fantasies by Davy who has no understanding of how the real financial world works. The adults in the room learned how the financial system was collapsing and did the right thing-they were scared out of their minds as they should have been and help support the banks. You liberal fools will have it pounded in to your head until you never forget-when you borrow you do not write the rules. Investors, the Chinese, etc will not lend money at stupid low rates forever to borrowers who show no discipline-people either focus and save now or it will be harder later there is simply no escape and not enough “penis envy” money from the successful. Complaints and liberal articles will not will money -this is reality baby. Finally the so called people’s government money was not even raised from the “people” but from others. So here we have people who contribute so little to the finances of the country wanting to be taken care of-doesn’t work in this global economy-wake up.

    • We needed to support a financial system – not all of the banks.there is a difference. In a capitalist system it is important, no necessary, that failure is punished as well as success being rewarded. There is no reason why the banks should be treated separately than all the other businesses that go bust when they fail. The depositors can be protected at a lower cost than protecting the whole institution. This is nothing to do with being liberal or being jealous; it is the normal way in the system and making an exception for the banks makes no sense.
      I cannot see how you can argue that the money wasn’t raised from the people when the Government either lent it or underwrote it or printed it and a significant future cost to every tax payer.
      The financial system only “works” by tax payer subsidy and the distinction between banking and gambling is something that the banks no longer are interested in. The gambling is at no risk it is with other people’s money, and so it has proved.

  3. That’s your idea of how the system works Mr Bloom and I do respect that, please do not try to procrasternate nor categorise this person, pointing the idle finger will achieve one little, listening very carefully to other peoples ideas and you might wake up the sheeple before its too late, LOL at him if one likes, I did, but he has a point to put across in his way.

    What you don’t realise and what Robert has said here is corect, the money is all an illusion, its phantom money printed out of thin air, it was made not by us, and was invented to be used against us, for anothers gain, every penny you make is eventually taken back again, it is a wonder that this Fiat has lasted for as long as it has, but you are about to see either great changes or its demise very near future I think.

    What isn’t an illusion is the people working for and nearly always for nothing, I can work for myself and most of the time and I don’t need illusionary cash, thank you, our own system has worked for the last 100 years thank you very much my family.

    I can use my skills to make things from the stuff you throw away, you throw away a leather sofa and an old piece of furniture and I will make a pair of bellows for a set of bagpipes, using my own skills and my own energy, not the banks or anyones elses.

    There are those who can survive quite comfortably without credit cards and banks, what have you done today that will help you and yours in times of trouble, learn that extra skill today for your tomorrows.

    All the money in all of the banks of this world will not save it nor the poeple in it.

  4. We obviously need a better (more responsible) financial system. People that want real change need to look at what is really going on, especially with the Federal Reserve. If the banks were allowed to fail, (it only stands to reason that poor management is unsustainable) we would have come out of the financial crises faster and stronger.

    Government is not a creator of wealth but a consumer of it. The only reason government exists is because it’s a necessary evil that taxpayers fund. I believe that many decades of ignoring and/or amending the constitution has lead us down the forbidden road of large, inefficient government our forefathers tried so hard to avert.

    A firm deal for further negotiations is a complete failure of Obama’s intended purpose…perhaps because his climate change is not something he can control, as well as committing billions of dollars without twisting arms of congress first.

    If the Fiat burns dirty, there is billions of pork and earmarks that could be more wisely spent by advancing technology for cleaner fuel burning. How much taxpayer money do you think was spent in advertisement and propoganda to change your thinking instead of fixing or advancing what we have in place already?

    Once a greater majority wakes up and realizes who is fooling who and why, we will get effectively productive. Why can’t we tweak what we have? Try Googling “emission scrubbers”.

    Economically speaking, easing into new unchartered territory without proper bridges in place is less disastrous than retooling nations with skyrocketing energy prices. Everything we have in existence that currently runs on electricity or fossil fuel, from a nightlight to the space shuttle would have to be scrapped in the haphazardly devised “green” fantasy.


  6. “The financial system only “works” by tax payer subsidy and the distinction between banking and gambling is something that the banks no longer are interested in. The gambling is at no risk it is with other people’s money, and so it has proved”.

    Exactly..the fixes are returning to the Gold Standard, taking away the Federal Reserves right to create and bust bubbles at will (printing money willynilly) and removing the banking industries conflicts of interest such as separating commercial banks from investment banks.

    Taxpayer subsidy is the only saving grace for this white collar, organized crime setup. I said it, we’ve been set up.

    • We’ve certainly all been conned by the banks; it’s remarkable that their executives and directors are not prohibited from being involved in the financial industry. How could anyone entrust their savings to these characters?

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