The British National Party on Question Time

Those in the United Kingdom know that there is a particularly unpleasant political party called the British National Party. Now virtually all political parties have a degree of ugliness and lack of charm, but to my mind the BNP are not just ugly and charmless, but are wrong, very wrong. It is claimed the BNP is made up of people that are thugs, totalitarians and racists; however, the BNP is a political party who has managed to get a few councillors elected and who won two seats in the European Parliament. Continue reading

Climate change advertisement – is it truthful?

The United Kingdom Government has spent six million pounds on a television advertisement about climate change which warns of the dangers of manmade global warming. The advertisement will run for a few months. I doubt if it will save any emissions. The six million pounds is more than has been allocated to help householders to buy solar systems for space and water heating over the past few years. Solar water heating systems will save many thousands of tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. It is an odd sense of priorities, isn’t it? Continue reading

Fuel bills and bankers bonuses

If you live in the United Kingdom and do not have any form of microgeneration, such as solar panels, you are now paying more for your household energy than ever before. Since we founded Genersys in 2000 household energy bills have risen by 88%. Gas bill have risen by 120% and electricity bills by 48% according to figures published by Ofgem, and according to Ofgem the prices will rise by another 60% in the next few years. Continue reading

Electric cars – part of the solution

In China there are plans to launch a new electric car which can hold five passengers and travel 250 miles on a single charge. It also might be fully charged in an hour. If the claims are justified the E6 will transform the automotive market and the technology I am sure will be adopted by all the major car manufacturers. For the environment this is good news, as the electric car will not produce dust, soot and particular emissions. Continue reading

Gordon Brown and climate protection

I was in Oxford’s Cornmarket when a climate change stall caught my eye. The people manning the stall wanted signatures for a petition asking Gordon Brown to go to Copenhagen and use his influence to get climate change emission reduction targets agreed by the world community, so that we would have a chance of restricting global warming to two degrees Celsius.

I signed the petition even though I am far from sure that Mr Brown’s presence will make a difference at Copenhagen and even less sure that climate change targets have any value. Continue reading

Climate change migration

Dr Cecilia Tacoli, a researcher at the International Institute of Environment and Development, has published a paper in which she holds that there are misconceptions and alarmism about the effect of climate change on population movements. She thinks that many of us overestimate the likely population migrations because we do not understand how mass migration works, and that in doing so we are being alarmist and that alarmism distracts from “real problems”. Continue reading

MPs expenses – they still don’t get it

After all the publicity and fuss I suspect that many members of Parliament still do not fully understand the depth and intensity of public anger about their expenses. This is not an issue where the public wants to move on or has the slightest intention of moving on. The latest round of disclosures leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of many. Mr Brown seems to have spent £12,000 more than the new official thinks reasonable, mostly on cleaning his second home. Continue reading