The financial logic of solar water heating

Various official consumer bodies think that the average home energy bills will reach £2,000 or more in a few years time. There are very few ways that you can pay less for your energy. You may insulate your home to a high standard, turn down the thermostat, switch off the lights, use low energy bulbs, pay your bills on line and try to find the cheapest tariff available but there is more you can do.

The one area which you will not want to economise on is your hot water usage. You will need to keep yourself your family and your clothes clean and whatever you do with insulation or economies you will not be able to easily save on hot water usage unless you have a solar system.

The precise figures will vary from household to household, as everyone has different energy requirements, so I shall explain what I think the general principles are. If you are average now your energy bill will be around £1200 per annum, combining heat and power. If you do not have natural gas your bill will usually be considerably higher. Some people will already be paying £2000 a year or close to that figure.

If the bill rises to £2000, this is how I think the average family will make it up:-

Power                   £800

Heat                      £800

Water Heating  £400

You can expect, under present tariffs a good solar water heating system to save you just under £300 per annum. Costs will vary but when you install a quality system, like those Genersys produces, you will usually have a cylinder upgrade to a larger better hot water tank and replacement of your tank was probably well over due in any event. Discount the cost of the improved system from the total installation cost and you will be into a very interesting tax free return on your money by having in effect forward purchased a slice of future energy at a fixed price today.

Factor in the substantial environmental savings and the added value that the system will bring to your home by reducing energy bills and I think that you will find it a worthwhile use of your hard earned money.

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