Using up our resources

I suppose that most of us have at one time or another overspent our wages. If you get paid monthly it might have happened that a few days before the end of the month there was no money left in your account. You only had two choices then – borrow some money from the bank or go without for a few days, resolving not to overspend next month. Well, we act in this way in the use of the ecological resources of our planet, overspending each year, but more drastically than an employee can overspend his or her wages.

You see, the planet is a bank manager without limits to our overdraft. We should, of course, only use up the resources in a year that the planet can replenish in a year. This would be “solid state economics” but it seems that humans just cannot resist the temptation to go a little bit more overdrawn each year. This year all that uncontrolled ecological borrowing has meant that on 25th September this year we used up our wages for the year. That is quite an unwanted achievement. The overdraft is not just a few months worth of resources this year, but the cumulative total of them for the past hundred or so years.

It seems that we are programmed to lavish resources on ourselves as though they are infinite, which they are not. We are greedy, taking not just what we can eat or what we need, but taking what gives us pleasure.

We take energy; I read one learned economic journalist claim, in relation to oil reserves and peak oil “there is always 30 years oil left in the world, and there always will be.” Oil is not infinite and one day there will be none of it left, whatever journalists and economic commentators claim.

The planet is a very easy bank manager, providing us with whatever we can garner the effort to take, whether we repay it or not in the short term. We can find it, and we take it, and lose it in more often than not trivial luxuries which brighten a moment but darken an age.

However, when the resources are all gone, there will be nothing left for us to take. At that stage the bank manager will have other customers because at that point we humans shall become ecologically irrelevant as by not sustaining the planet’s resources, we shall have not sustained the existence of our species.

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  1. What Robert is saying here is the case for the majority of the population who get pretend money, have pretend BMW’s or Mercedes on the drive and the pretend home and swimming pool in the garden, of course we all know what pretend is, its called the bank.

    But to have those luxuries someone somewhere is having to work for nothing, making the things they need to sell to survive, if not its a nation of managers anf office workers continuously chasing the money around and around and getting nowhere because the people with the BMW’s on the drive own the global companies that have the cheap goods made in parts forein, thus creating an imbalance from within.

    Since 1926 we have lived on a small farm in the lake district 120 acres of grass, 9 1/2 miles of walls, with a small river flowing through, and a nice oak woodland attached, which my fathers uncle bought for 650 quid and then worked his butt off for the bank until 1950 when it became ours, since that day we have owed the bank ziltch, hold on and you will see where my story is going pretty soon..

    The work was harduous but on the whole we were a happy bunch all working together with the local population who were like minded and helped each other in times of ill health ets, not once did the bank offer to sheer our sheep or go shopping for us when we hurt ourselves and couldn’t get out.

    The crookz of this story is, as Robert says the world is a great big bank of natural recorces which were laid down and belong to us all, but have never been shared out equally, this is the single biggest green anything that you could ever bring into existence, a propper green party, one that works for all of us not just a single party fighting the others, surely someone with similar kinds of thoughts in governmet today, know this is the way to go forward.

    Most people are now aware that the planets resorces are starting to run out, so what do we do, we look upon how much longer we can keep taking until its gone, instead of saying how can we make it last that litle bit longer,

    In orderof halting the spend spend until its gone attitude we must stop globalisation very soon, of course there is going to be a few who loose the greater part of their purse, but they are going todo that in time anyway, because if we don’t help the rest, there won’t be anybody left to do the work for those who don’t want to do it.

    The planet is a wonderfull machine that works for us every day for nothing, it provides our water, air, food and everything else we hold dear to our lives, it give us a narural WDP of around 27 trillion pounds worth of what we need every year, but we only put back a global GDP of around 18-20 trillion, I don’t know just how accurate these figures are, they were worked out by a Japanese scientist in 1998, so the gap is likely to be much wider today,.

    You see there is a deficiet there, and we continue to cut back the lungs and life blood of the planet and closing up yet another acre of green with concrete and houses, we all know what should be being done, so do every governmental party, and what are their think tanks doing ? absolutrly nothing and are in constant resolution with each other, getting nowhere fast, WHY you ask, because thet don’t want to loose what they have either, and as long as this scenario stays in the minds of the people who govern us, nothing is going to happen, PERIOD.

    We can do it without having being forced to give up and shut up, it doesn’t have to come to that, the time to act is right now, have the courage to say no to the banks and start thinking for ourselves before we loose the better part of our ability to control our immediate enviornment, when the oil has finally dried up, it will be so much harder, and billions of people are going to go hungry or worse.

    For a good example of what is going to hapen without our life blood please go, Google the words ” Special Period” because this is coming to us all.

    And when you have watched the film, have a look around you at what there is population, climate and available land and you won@t like what your going to find.

    If this short story offends or annoys anyone in any way, I’m sorry, but if it makes some see something, it was worth the half hour it took me to write it,

    Right I have got off of my soap box, put away my plackard, with the words the end is nigh writen upon on it and gone to make a pair of shoes.

    Take care now, don’t be naughty, and if you do, don’t get caught.

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