Utility Disconnections

Times are hard and when times are hard things that we took for granted when times were good become precious desirable luxuries that we can no longer enjoy when times are hard. Times are hardest of all when people become unemployed and where there is no social safety net. Most members of the European Union provide a safety net through social security systems. Before that there was a safety net of kinds administered by the Poor House of old, or good work by charities and religions. These helped cushion the blows that the unfortunate inevitable receive.

I should say that many of the unfortunate have fallen on hard times through no fault of their own. Decisions made by politicians, businesses and bankers have recently conspired to create large scale unemployment. In places where there is no safety net unemployment means no money.

USA Today reports that increasing numbers of Americans are being cut off from their electricity and other utility services because they cannot pay their bills. There are always some households in America who are disconnected each year and this year looks set to see record numbers of disconnections, essentially amongst households whose members cannot find a job.

There is a safety net of sorts – utilities cannot disconnect households when the weather is very cold but that is of cold comfort to those that have already been disconnected and then find the weather turns. In addition there are Federal programs which aimed to curb homelessness which can provide assistance with energy bills.

I have not yet seen reports of greater than normal disconnections in Europe, but it is still warm and perhaps the worst is yet to come. One thing is certain, the politicians, business leaders and bankers will not be suffering energy disconnection now or indeed any time to come.

In the words of the old song

It’s the same the whole world over

And it’s such a blinking shame

It’s the rich what gets the pleasure

And the poor what gets the blame

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  1. The cutting of our utilities was made real last year through power station trip out’s, stations were unable to cope with the cold snap of last winter, and we could be in line for more this winter.

    There are already several nuclear power stations out of action, Hartlepool on the east coast and Heysham on the west are already out of action, several more at Anglesey and other areas are down by a 3rd output and several more are heading towards retirement in the next five years, its all there in black and white if you look hard enough.

    If we are to keep up with demand we need to build more stations to cope with the estimated 70 million that the Uk will have in ten years time,

    At present we have 64 gigs on tap and we need at least 72 to break even, 60% of our energy is imported from Norway and Russia, one break in supply will spell dissaster especially throughout a cold winter.

    We could build more coal fired power plants but that would go against our greener status and our way of becomming self sufficient, the USA are planing to build over145 new coal fired power station, the Chinese are building on average 2 bew coal powered staions every month, bang goes the global carbon cap.

    If we are to become greener, and save much of our wasted electricity we need to change our stand by next day society, a fact which is wasting so much energy it ibeggers belief, of course its ones choice to waste what they like because your paying for it, but don’t blame anyone else if your lights go out.

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