Ten things that will make no difference to climate change

Ten things that will make no difference to climate change

 1. Carbon offsetting

Keep your money in your pocket.

2. Carbon Trading

You cannot use the principles of the casino to help the climate unless the house wins every time

3. The Clean Development Mechanism

No more than a good opportunity for free money for large corporations

4. Biomass burning

Keep the trees in the ground or use them for building homes so that their carbon stores are maintained

5. Biofuels

Food or fuel – you choose.

6. Carbon Sequestration

The energy output from processes using this technology (once it is invented) will mean that we need to burn more fossil fuel for the same energy equivalence.

7. Carbon Storage

One small leak and all that effort is wasted

8. Politicians

Just too scared to take tough measures; they should visit the climate camp

9.  Consultations

Mostly a waste of time and effort.

10. Geo engineering

Playing around with things we don’t understand, but good fun.

2 Responses

  1. please suggest if the device shown in the following you tube video has any worth

    can it be attach with your solar system / windmill

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