How to get to Blackheath’s climate camp and why you should go

If you are stuck in London during the coming Bank Holiday week end you might want, if the weather is fine, to take a trip to Climate Camp at Blackheath. You can get there by bus or train, or even better take a ride on the Dockland Light Railway to Island Gardens, and then keeping George Green’s School on your left walk through the foot tunnel under the Thames and when you are through the tunnel you are in Greenwich, by the Cutty Sark, an old tea clipper. Then head left towards Wren’s Greenwich Hospital (pausing to admire its grandeur and compare it with the school building of George Green’s School on the north bank of the Thames and walk through the heath and you will come to the Climate Camp.

It should be a pleasant day.

At the time of writing this (Thursday) there are about a thousand people there, mostly and young fresh faced. Some of them have given interviews on television and the radio and they speak compassionately and logically about the environment and the lack of justice which permits some sectional interests to pollute though greed and thus spoil the lives of billions. Seeing them on television and listening to them gave me a good feeling.

I last had this feeling in the optimism and idealism of the late sixties, when we thought we could change the world and congregated in peace and harmony to explain to the world that our ideas were important and could solve many problems. We solved some problems (or perhaps I should say our idealism meant that some problems were not as large as they had been) but then in the main we were diverted by earning our livings and the grind of making a life. Nevertheless I bet that in the heart of each of those of that generation we believed as I believed and acted as I acted we think that we were not too far from really changing things for the better.

Since the nineteen sixties idealism has given way to selfishness which is in turn poisoning the environment of our home planet. We do not think about the future generations if we can buy a cheap pair of trainers, a cheap pair of jeans and fly a thousand miles for a few pounds of money helping to emit thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide.

The people at the Climate Camp will have an opportunity to make friends, talk, exchange ideas and perhaps play a few tunes on a guitar. Why not go along to share their ideas, learn what environmentalists are thinking and by putting your views to the climate campers, be part of the process of understanding and refinement until the ideas and ideals are universally accepted? It would make the world a better place.

I cannot be at the Climate Camp; I did not know that it would happen and had already made arrangements which take me out of London but I will be there in spirit and I support those peaceful protestors and thank them for what they are doing. I hope that their protest succeeds. As we used to say many years ago, “peace, man”.

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