Oh, no, yet another greenhouse gas!

Sulphuryl fluoride, also known as sulfuryl fluoride has been identified as another greenhouse gas by scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. The chemical is used in gaseous form for fumigation. Continue reading

Technical improvements in solar systems

Modern solar systems are very different from those designed twenty or thirty years ago. The older systems absorb as much heat from light as modern systems. That will not change unless the laws of physics change because light energy at the surface of the earth has a finite amount of energy in a given area and solar systems absorb virtually all of it. New technology in solar systems has therefore had to concentrate upon other areas of the system’s performance. Continue reading

Earth day and all the other days

I am giving you plenty of notice to prepare for Earth Day. It is a bit like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day and the rest except that Earth Day does not swell the coffers of the greetings card industry. In fact, you have the luxury of being able to celebrate two different Earth Days, no wait, not two but three separate Earth Days. Continue reading

Genersys in Korea

I have been spending the past few days in South Korea as the guest of the City of Gwangju attending the Solar Wind & Earth Energy Trade Fair, which is being held in Kwangju’s exhibition centre, named in honour of the Korean Nobel Laureate and former President Kim Dae Jung.

Many countries talk about renewable energy, but South Korea is actually doing something tangible – real measures. Continue reading

The world’s population increases and climate change

In twenty one years’ time the population of the world is expected to be 8.3 billion souls. If it reaches that figure then there are very good grounds for believing that we will not have enough of the basic necessities of food -water and energy to support so many people. Continue reading

Oops, the climate change accord at Bali needs to be changed!

With the hypocrisy of which only thick skinned beasts are capable without understanding the irony you might remember that last December the politicians of the world jetted off to a climate change conference. In order to keep their personal carbon feet as large as possible they went to Bali, in the South Pacific, probably the most inconvenient place they could find in terms of location. Continue reading

Are Emissions made in China the responsibility of Other Nations

I have long argued that there is no point in counting emissions on country by country basis because that approach creates inequities. The relationship, in terms of emissions between China and the United States of America illustrates the pointlessness of counting either country’s emissions in isolation. Last year China overtook the USA as the greatest producer of greenhouse gas emissions. Continue reading